Interim Report - André Heller (1989)

He is as much a part of Vienna as Lipizzaner stallions, Sachertorte and Hans Moser are. But now André Heller intends to leave the city of his forefathers. At the age of 42 he plans a decisive break with his past life. We try to create a picture of André Heller at this planned (or staged?) turning point in his life. From the perspective of a man about to say farewell he recounts and evaluates once more his life in Vienna - his parents, his Jewish father, his path to art as a means of rescuing himself, the search for his own way of life between kitsch, art and consumer society, and the effort required to be and to become  André Heller. We want to hear from his own lips which stages Heller has been through in his personal confrontation with his home in Vienna, like the bogeyman of the middle classes from the coffee-houses, always standing in the shadows, offended by the “whore Vienna”, and how this separation has come about.
This film represents an attempt to take stock of Heller’s life, at a central point in the artist’s existence; not depicting a complete chronology but rather fragments of a 'small confession'.


Monika Winhuisen

Ulrich Köhler & Stefan Köster

Regina Ziegler




30 min.

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