Complete Woman Needs Half-Time- Man (2001)

Anna can safely say there is only one man in her life: her seven-year-old son Tobi. Ever since Peter, the boy’s father, walked out on her while she was pregnant she has been a single mother, devoting all her time and energy to the party service which supports her and Tobi. She has always told her son that his father is dead. Despite being such a practical person, Anna has found it hard to get over being abandoned by Peter, and when it comes to other men she has neither time nor interest. That changes at a stroke when Anna and Tobi move to the countryside. Her eccentric Uncle Jakob turns up unexpectedly, and she is forced to take him in. And Thomas, the attractive village policeman and local Casanova, also enters her life: in fact, she captures his heart at breakneck speed after he catches her driving too fast through a radar trap. But just as Anna and Thomas are getting to know each other, suddenly Peter turns up out of the blue; after seven years of silence Tobi’s father wants to claim “his” family back. Anna is prepared to take him back, so Thomas retreats, wounded. But Anna soon discovers that Peter only needs a family he can display for professional reasons - she has chosen the wrong man. Her realization doesn’t impress Thomas, who remains obstinate. So now Tobi and the cranky Uncle Jakob have to come up with something.


Christine Neubauer, Markus Knüfken, Florian Fitz, Gudrun Okras, Ralf Wolter u.a.


Helmut Metzger

Jessica Schellack / Kerstin Oesterlin

Helge Peyker

Andreas Ehrig

Stefan Traub

Jörg Fahnenbruck

Nanni Erben

Tanja Ziegler

Dr. Renate Michel


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