Tatort – Sleeping Beauty´s Revenge (2006)

Richard Merten is found murdered in his Berlin apartment. The investigation soon prompts the two inspectors Ritter and Stark to venture into the nearby countryside of Brandenburg. Paula, the only relative of the deceased, wants her father to be buried in the village where she spent her childhood. Exactly 20 years ago Paula's mother Emma was murdered in a nearby forest. After her violent death Merten and his daughter left the village of Wieditz forever. The beautiful, taciturn Paula still hasn't recovered from her mother’s murder, especially since the killer was never found. Ritter and Stark travel to Wieditz with the young woman and soon realize that they are not welcome here. Moreover, Paula's return is also greeted with some hostility. In fact the villagers have constructed a wall of silence: nobody admits to having heard or seen anything when Paula's mother was murdered. The only person who appears to offer Paula help is her cousin Klaus Merten - but in the end he is only interested in Paula's house, which is on land earmarked for a golf course. Paula is not the only one who suspects that the murders of her parents are connected, and that the background to the killings is to be found here in the village. But the two inspectors are completely in the dark; almost everybody in the village is a possible suspect. Then Inspector Ritter persuades Paula to put out some bait: she announces that she will give her house and property to anybody who has information about the murders. And now a dangerous psychological game is set in motion.


Dominic Raacke, Boris Aljinovic, Anna Thalbach, Steffen Münster, Joram Voelklein, Hans Uwe Bauer, Günter Schubert u.v.a.


Christine Hartmann

Frauke Hunfeld

Peter Nix

Bettina Staudinger

Martin Müller

Petra Albert

Roland Knitter

Nanni Erben

Regina Ziegler

Josephine Schröder-Zebralla, rbb



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