Tango in the snow (2008)

Ella Talbach leads a well-ordered middle-class life at the side of her husband Manfred, who hopes that he will soon be re-elected to the position of mayor. On the occasion of her 60th birthday her granddaughter Lili arranges a surprise visit from the Viennese musician Franz; Lili knows that 40 years ago he and Ella recorded a tango together… but she has no idea that Franz was actually the love of Ella’s life. She left him all those years ago, with a heavy heart, because she was disappointed by a breach of confidence. Now all the guests at her birthday party urge Ella and Franz to dance together again – and it does only need a very few touches to re-candle all her emotions. They meet again a few days later when Franz performs at a concert, and they quickly begin to feel very close once more. But then, when Ella and Lili go swimming together, her beloved granddaughter has an accident which leaves her in a coma, and Ella blames herself. She remains at Lili’s bedside in hospital day and night, and finally Lili comes round. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Ella resolves to devote herself entirely to her family and to forget all about Franz. But Manfred can sense that his wife is nevertheless slowly slipping away from him. He tries everything to avoid losing her, and Ella comes to realise that she has to make a decision. 


Ursela Monn, Wolfgang Winkler, Peter Bongartz, Bruno F. Apitz, Helmut Berger, Iris Minich, Nora Heschl u.v.a.


Gabi Kubach

Susanne Beck, Thomas Eifler

Sandra Klein

Sabine Brose

Rainer Oleak

Alexandra Pilhatsch

Gregori Winkowski

Marc Müller-Kaldenberg

Regina Ziegler

Jana Brandt, MDR, Katharina Schenk, ORF

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