Lost Child 312 (2007)

The tale of a child's fate, between Germany's post-war economic recovery and unforgotten love

Ursula Gothe is happily married and loves her little boy Helmut more than anything else in the world. Her husband Dr. Richard Gothe is just about to become director of his company, so the material deprivation they suffered during the Second World War is over. Ursula’s life seems perfect, but then her sad past catches up with her all of a sudden. One day while looking through the newspaper she sees a picture of a little girl, who was tragically separated from her mother during the war when they were both refugees and has been living in a children's home ever since. Overwhelmed by joy as well as pain, Ursula realises that “Lost Child 312” is none other than her long-lost daughter Martina. Ursula now finds herself torn between the deep need to take her daughter back home and the fear that by admitting to an illegitimate child she may be risking her own marriage - because her husband Richard knows nothing about Martina. And now, while she is trapped in this dilemma, Achim Lenau suddenly enters her life again: he is Martina's father and was the love of Ursula's life. She had always believed that he died during the war. Ursula is faced with the most difficult decision she has ever encountered.


Christine Neubauer, Timothy Peach, Oliver Stritzel, Eva Herzig, Jaecke Scharz u.v.a.


Gabi Kubach

Susanne Beck, Thomas Eifler nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Hans-Ulrich Horster

Hans-Jörg Allgeier

Ute Astrid Rall

Rainer Oleak

Heike Bauersfeld

Susanne Ottersbach-Flimm

Wolfgang Hantke

Renate Michel, Degeto



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