Black Forest Love (2007)

A romantic family comedy with Claudine Wilde and Timothy Peach.

Elisabeth von Holbach has always had a clear goal: as a lawyer she will continue the life's work of her father and boss Max von Holbach, expanding the successful law firm he founded. She is prepared to accept any challenge presented to her by clients as long as they are prepared to pay a higher fee. So she finds herself overcoming her fear of cows when a wealthy investor, whose plan is to build a race track in the middle of the Black Forest, charges her to persuade a reluctant farmer to sell his farm. Other landowners involved have sold their properties for a high price, but Karl Lindner remains stubborn. Elisabeth's trip to the countryside gets off to a bad start when she drives her sports car into a ditch. She has no idea that the friendly man who rescues her with her tractor and takes her back to his farm is none other than stubborn Karl Lindner. Coming from different worlds the rigid farmer and the vivacious lawyer are immediately attracted to each other. But despite her emotions, Elisabeth acts like a true professional when she learns that Karl is the farmer she has to get out of his property. However, before long she finds it impossible to perform the task given to her by her client because, to her amazement, she discovers how fulfilling it is for her to live and work in the countryside. She feels increasingly attracted to Karl, and he also comes to realize how much he loves this woman from the big city. But these happy days are destined to come to an end: the future of the farm is at stake here. Karl has taken out a large loan, and now he is being forced to repay it at short notice. Naturally this presents Elisabeth's law firm with an easy way to force him to sell up.


Claudine Wilde, Timothy Peach, Siegfried Rauch, Barbara Focke, Walter Kreye


Uwe Wilhelm

Uwe Wilhelm

Martin Gressmann

Birgit Gasser

Tomas Kanok

Thomas Stromberger

Stefab Gauss

Nanni Erben

Tanja Ziegler

Renate Michel



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