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Orestie (1982)

The Schaubühne Theatre rehearsed for over a year before the 9-hour epic in three parts had its premier in October 1980. Several translations and versions of the text were used as a basis for the production, to ensure that the 2.500 year-old mythological work is played as authentically as possible. The first part of Aeschylus' tragedy is AGAMEMNON, in which the King of Argos returns victorious from Troy after sacrificing his daughter Iphigenia and is slaughtered by his wife Clytaemnestra, as in his prisoner of war, Cassandra. In CHOEPHOROE Orestos, driven on by Apollo, revenges his father by killing his mother and her lover Aegisthus, supported by his sister Elektra and the Chorus.

In EUMINIDES Orestos journeys to Delphi to be absolved, but is only freed after Athena has intervened in the court of the Areopagus in Athens.

A tragedy beyond the dimension of time, dealing with anarchy, despotism, democracy, the power of speech and the instinct of feeling, fate and ethics.


Gunter Berger, Edith Clever, Tina Engel, Greger Hansen, Jutta Lampe, Hans Madin, Susanne Meierhofer, Willem Menne, Uta Müller-Fr


Peter Stein

B. Fiedler, D.Gossow

Regina Ziegler


TV Play

1 inch MAZ, colour

Orestie I 156 min. , Orestie I und III 158 min.

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