November Days (1990)

His curiosity aroused by the joy so clearly visible in those television images from November 9th 1989, the day of German reunification, Marcel Ophüls resolved to return to the site of these historic events one year later and talk to the people featured in the pictures. He set off with his team, intent on combining his journalistic skills with the need of the filmmaker to attain deeper, underlying truths - in order to establish whether people’s lives really had been changed for better or for worse. While approaching the subject in a relatively light-hearted manner, Ophüls is consistent in his manner as he interviews East German people, ranging from the man in the street right up to Egon Krenz; he displays an unerring instinct for authenticity, refusing to let go until the truth has been revealed to him - and to us. NOVEMBER DAYS is like a time machine, moving to and from between the present and the past, mingling a kaleidoscope of entertainment images and news footage, shot from the streets, clubs and restaurants in Berlin and even including extracts from films such as THE BLUE ANGEL, STAGECOACH  and CABARET. Ultimately it is Ophül’s astute way of posing questions which distinguishes in ironic fashion between the answers and the lies.


Marcel Ophüls

Marcel Ophüls

Peter Boultwood & Pierre Boffety & Annette Metzger

Sophie Brunet & Albert Jurgenson & Catherine Zins

Regina Ziegler, Athur Cohn and BBC- TV



16mm, Farbe

90 Min.

Adolf Grimme Preis in Gold

This DVD is available commercially.
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