Dead Loss Draws Top Prize (2007)

Marie Herbst hardly believes her eyes when craftsmen pop up at her Vienna coffeehouse, which she has been running successfully for years in the heart of Berlin. It turns out that behind her back Marie's ex-husband has terminated the lease in return for a considerable sum of money from investment company Prospecta, which plans to lease the premise to a coffee shop chain. But Marie refuses to be defeated so easily. Together with her colleagues Erci, Fritzi and Kevin the determined lady hatches a plan. Erci has just won a competition on the radio: first prize is a stay in an exclusive Berlin hotel. Precisely it is the same hotel in which the contract between Prospecta and representatives of the coffee shop chain is to be signed that weekend. Marie makes her way to the hotel, having rehearsed a plea for her coffee house which is full of Viennese warmth and charm. But before she can launch her campaign she found herself stuck in the elevator – with Gerd Fürst, chairman of the board at Prospecta. Gerd Fürst is prone to claustrophobia and promptly begins to hyperventilate. Though she has no idea who she is dealing with, Marie manages to calm down the panic-stricken manager. And when they have been released from the elevator they begin to come closer: Fürst feels drawn to his attractive rescuer, while Marie is surprised by the feelings she is developing for this gallant businessman. But, when Gerd Fürst discovers who he has been spending a romantic evening with, he feels that he has been the victim of a plot.


Christiane Hörbiger, Michael Mendl, Alexandra Kalweit, Eray Egilmez, Thomas Limpsel, Beatrice Richter, Ludger Pistor


Helmut Metzger

Elisabeth Schwärzer

Konstantin Kröning

Rosemarie Drinkorn

Jost Brand-Hübner

Britta Hansen

Tanja Ziegler

Renate Michel, Degeto



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