Men and Other Catastrophes (1999)

Judith cannot help it, she just is a little clumsy. Any kind of problem just sticks to her like flies to a wall. And of course she is unhappy with her boy-friend Holger as well as with her economics studies at university. In Judith’s life every little problem develops into a big catastrophe. Of course with all this mess around her, she cannot notice that her neighbour Leo has fallen in love with her. She arrives late at her sister Rebecca’s house to baby-sit her little nephew only to find out that the little boy has ruined her fathers’ paintings playing fire-brigade. Next Judith’s boy-friend Holger leaves her and on top of everything else she also loses her job as a waitress. And finally, whilst bookkeeping she manages to destroy the entire decoration for the upcoming show at a designer store. The only good thing in her life is Leo. He discovers hidden talents in Judith.


Heike Makatsch,Dominic Raacke,Ulrike Folkerts,Irm Hermann,Steffen Wink,Jeannette Arndt,Barbara Phillipp,Walter Kreye,Victor Hoch


Ulli Baumann

Jessica Schellack und Kerstin Oesterlin nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Kerstin Gier

Konstantin Kröning


TV Movie

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