Spa Hotel Alpine Joy (2005)

Richard Steiner, a successful commercial lawyer, has high standards when it comes to his fellow human beings. However, when it comes to his own conduct, he is far more lenient: after all, he is having an affair with his colleague Annett. His wife Christina has been unhappy with their marriage for a long time and dreams of moving to the countryside. Promptly, Richard receives an unexpected letter: his uncle Wilhelm has died and left him a small hotel at Lake Tegernsee. Only after Richard and his wife have viewed the idyllic hotel do they discover there is a condition attached to this legacy: for four weeks Richard has to perform all the jobs in the hotel himself. Horrified he turns down the offer - until an investor offers him 3 million Euros for the property that he plans to turn it into a golf course. Intoxicated by the prospect of making big money, Richard reluctantly plunges into the work of running a hotel. His wife however is horrified by Richard’s plan and wants to save the hotel. The staff also do everything they can to persuade Richard of the beauties contained in this part of the country - in the hope that the hotel and their jobs can be saved after all.


Fritz Wepper, Michaela May, Ann-Catrin Dudhoff, Hayo Bertram, Kornelia Boje, Nicole Beutler, Sophie Wepper u.v.a.


Peter Sämann

Stefan Kuhlmann

Gero Lasnig

Christian Bolik

Albert Jupé

Nanni Erben

Tanja Ziegler

Renate Michel, Degeto



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