In the Cave of the Lioness (2002)

Rosemarie Fendel, Jennifer Nitsch, Helmut Zierl, Florian Fitz in “In the Cave of the Lioness”: a story of mothers, daughters and secret love

32 hours on call, followed by a shift in the ambulance: for Dr. Maja von Wiesenthal nearly everything revolves around her profession as a surgeon. Much to the dismay of her boyfriend Frijo Kaltenbach. When he once again discovers that many days have gone by without him even catching sight of Maja, Frijo chooses the only technique which seems likely to work: he calls an ambulance, claiming that he is having heart palpitations. Because there is one thing that he wants to tell Maja to her face: it’s all over. Maja is shocked. She hadn’t expected him to leave her, and she refuses to accept it. But she finds herself calling her mother Charlotte von Wiesenthal and telling her all about it: an emotional outburst which she regrets immediately. For years mother and daughter have been on the warpath. Actually, Maja’s mother, who was widowed at an early age, would also like some support. Her ageing housekeeper Sophie has just broken a leg, while Charlotte has high blood pressure and is subject to dizzy spells. So it seems a particularly good idea to pay a surprise visit to her daughter in order to comfort her through these difficult times. Although she is irritated by this unexpected house guest, Maja resolves to make the best of it - and even listens seriously to her mother’s advice: Frijo must be made jealous. The first victims of this plan are Maja’s colleagues Dr. Nick Freiberg and Dr. Christian Hertwig. But both of them are smart enough to remain at a distance. So what is required is an ad in the paper. While Charlotte examines the suitability of the men who reply, Maja does some research into her own past - and comes up with a puzzling discovery. Bodo von Wiesenthal – who died young and has always been cited by Charlotte as the perfect husband and family man - was definitely not Maja’s father.


Rosemarie Fendel, Jennifer Nitsch, Helmut Zierl, Florian Fitz, Martin Ontrop, Christel Peters u.a.


Helmut Metzger

Elisabeth Schwärzer

Peter Nix

Rosemarie Drinkorn

Fritz Pfeiffer

Thomas Franz

Roland Knitter

Britta Hansen

Tanja Ziegler

Renate Michel, Degeto



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