Heart or Cash (2001)

So many men in the world and it has to be him! Adele Weiß is horrified when she learns that her daughter Linda is planning to get married to Dieter Morus, of all people. Dieter is the son of clothing manufacturer Carl Morus, whose factory Adele has been keeping clean for many years as the head of a team of industrial cleaners. Adele is not one to mince words, and she makes it abundantly clear to both her boss and her daughter that she does not approve this choice. After all, she has had enough experience of life: for a start, she no longer believes that love can overcome anything - and apart from that, she is absolutely sure her daughter deserves someone better than this immature good-for-nothing. Carl Morus is completely taken aback by Adele’s vehement response. For God’s sake: the daughter of a cleaning woman doesn’t exactly conform to his concept of a good match for his son! Soon, as they argue about the plan of their children to get married, the two parents are surprised to find themselves coming closer. It may look as though they don’t have very much in common, the passionate amateur chef and epicure Carl Morus and Adele, who is completely untalented in the kitchen. But to his own amazement Carl quickly discovers that he has fallen in love with this determined and lovable tough lady. And while Linda and Dieter come to share their parents’ doubts and break off their engagement, Adele and Carl overcome a number of obstacles facing their happiness together.


Gudrun Landgrebe, Günter Maria Halmer, Marie Zielke, Ingo Naujocks, Julian Weigend,


Michael Rowitz

Daniel Maximilian und Thomas Pauli

Dietmar Koelzer

Susanne Peuscher

Jörg Baumgarten

Nanni Erben

Tanja Ziegler

Dr. Renate Michel


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