Hot Trail (2008 - Chile)

In the summer of 2002, at a market in Juarez, Mexico, Milla Weber’s six-weeks old baby boy Justin was snatched from her arms and abducted. Ever since she has been obsessed with the hope that she will find him again; prompted by her terrible situation she has even founded an organization which specializes in searching for missing people in the border reason region between Mexico and America: "Finders". Today she only lives for these missing people and their relatives. Her marriage collapsed as a result, and apart from Milla nobody else believes she will ever see Justin again. But one night, on a mission to find a missing teenager, Milla recognizes one of the people who kidnapped her son. She sets off in pursuit of the man, helped by a mysterious outlaw called James Diaz who knows the American-Mexican border area and the criminal gangs that operate here better than anybody else. While Milla attempts to find out which side Diaz is really on, she discovers more and more about the criminal gang which has been smuggling babies from Mexico to the States for the last seven years. What Milla doesn't realise is that this organization, which did indeed kidnap her son all those years ago, has today moved into a more lucrative field of activity: organ smuggling. And the bosses aren't at all pleased to find that Milla is becoming increasingly dangerous for them as she searches for her son. 


Christine Neubauer, Matt Battaglia, Gundula Rapsch, Hannes Hellmann, Leander Lichti, Rudolf Martin u.v.a.


Marcus O. Rosenmüller

Annette Hess nach dem Roman "Cry no more" von Linda Howard

Sandra Klein

Roman Nowocien (bvk)

Matias O'Donnell

Katharina Lambsdorff

Ausführender Produzent
Wolfgang Hantke

Regina Ziegler

Klaus Bassiner, Axel Laustroer, ZDF




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