Clear Run to Happiness (2006)

After 35 years of marriage Karla and Werner must come to realize that the drudgery of everyday life takes the shine off of love. And now their daughter Conny and her husband Stefan had given them a gift voucher for a one week’s vacation in a wellness hotel. Karla is on cloud nine, while Werner looks at things like healing baths’ and health food as an ordeal to be suffered through: His definition of paradise is a vacation in his RV parked next to a beautiful lake. So they both reach an agreement: Werner will accompany his wife on the weeklong trip to the wellness hotel and Karla in turn will join him for a camping trip in his RV. However, despite their best efforts things do not work out: Karla quickly becomes irritated by the campground antics and Werner's outdoorsy friends. Furious, she storms off. The fact that her daughter’s family vacation with her husband and their two children Jule and Max is not working out as planned either, seems like a hint from above. The young parents spend too much time hovering over their children neglecting to take the time to discuss important family matters – a situation that seems to make a huge confrontation inevitable. When Karla gets a call for help from her daughter she hurries to help, taking care of the children so that Conny and Stefan can finally have a few days to themselves in a romantic hotel. On the following day Werner also turns up at the vacation home with his RV. However, Werner has to sleep in the RV, while Karla remains inside the house with the children. Karla and Werner have not made up yet. The situation seems to come to a head when Werner meets the charming widow Ruth, who shares his love of nature and his adventurous spirit, while Karla starts to get to know the attractive Markus. Is it really possible to leave behind 35 years of marriage so quickly? Or is there any truth to the old proverb "old love dies hard".


Gila von Weitershausen, Michael Mendl, Suzan Anbeh, Kai Scheve, u.v.a.


Ariane Zeller

Jessica Schellack, Kerstin Oesterlin

Til Maier

Melanie Werwie

Wolf Dietrich Peters-Vallerius

Thomas Franz

Jens Mackeldey

Eva Röbling

Tanja Ziegler

Renate Michel



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