Vestpocket Venus (2001)

Sophie Dukakis has a very particular passion in life: books! During the day she runs a bookshop, and in her spare time she works hard to make her old dream come true: she wants to start a literary café where she can combine her love of good books and fine cakes. Every evening she puts on her painter’s overalls and works at redecorating the old barn which was left to her by her Aunt Hede, together with the ancient house where Sophie lives. Consequently there is little time for men in Sophie’s life, especially since she is not at all well off, and the expense of running the old villa often gets completely out of hand. Which means it is a catastrophe of serious proportions when the rain comes through the kitchen roof one day and floods half the cellar. Apparently Aunt Hede was the victim of a cowboy plumber, because she had the whole house overhauled not long before her death. So now Sophie has to call out an emergency plumber again. But she can’t believe her eyes when the man who turns up is none other than Dr. Phillip Weiße, an expert on German literature and her secret favourite customer in the bookshop. It turns out that his day job is a plumber. Soon a tender romance springs up between the two lovers of literature. But the joys of falling in love are now placed to the test. It becomes necessary to clear up a huge number of misunderstandings, which arise at least partially due to the actions of Philip’s brother Wolfgang and Sophie’s neighbours, who appear to have entered into a conspiracy against her for some inexplicable reason.


Jeanette Hain, Jochen Horst, Saskia Vester, Daniela Ziegler, Cecilia Kunz, Antonio Wannek, Andreas Mannkopf


Kirsten Peters

Daniel Maximilian und Thomas Pauli

Michael Wiesweg

Melanie Werwie

Detlef Provvedi

Nanni Erben

Tanja Ziegler

Dr. Renate Michel


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