The Spree Pirates I (1988)

The pirates of the spree - that's the Kukowski kids when they board the freighter "Marianne 2" during the schoolbreaks and turn it into a playground of adventure. How lucky can they get! The boat's owner and his wife not only do allow this but also go along with the fun. Afterall, Otto and Anna Zwicknagel are grandparents of Matze (11), Trinchen (6) and the twins Marie and Luise (13). And the boat, which stands anchored on one of the banks of the West Berlin's spree river, serves as the old couple's home at present and their intended home for their old age. They consider it below their dignity, after the endless years of hard work in Germany's domestic waters, to go inland and lead "a normal life" on the dole.

Father Kukowski, on the other hand, is land- bug. He earns his daily bread as a taxidriver. But even his free time gets pretty occupied no matter how hard he tries to evade his "hijackers". and for the moment his wife could not be of any help to him; she just got approval for her stay at the spa which she badly needs for reasons of health. In the first episode in the series, the whole family brings her to the bus station with full aplomb in which same manner they also welcome her back - they pick her up from the train station with a boat.

What happens in between, seen from the eyes of the kids, is a load of turbulent, albeit also thought- provoking situations which the kids do not only derive fun and enjoyment from but which also challenge their maturity and self- awareness.

Writers Hans and hans- Henning Borgelt have written nine mini- comedies against a serious backdrop: they reflect with marked accuracy the social situation obtaining in west- Berlin. Composer Susanne Pawlitzki's songs project the children's lust for life with masterful expression.


Käte Jaenicke, Hans Beerhenke, Winfried Glatzeder, Brigitte Mira, simon Jakombs, Miriam Mohs, Joseline Gassen und den Zwillingen


Hans Henning Borgelt

Hans und Hans- Henning Borgelt nach einer Idee von Hans- Jürgen Teske

Ulli Meier

Susanne Pawlitzki

Regina Ziegler

Jürgen Müller



TV Series

8 x 30 min.

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