The Chocolate Queen (2002)

When his wife dies of cancer, the only thing that still matters to advertising photographer Michael Bender is his nine-year-old daughter Sammy. He was forced to get into debt in order to pay for her medical treatment, however, and now Michael is in serious difficulties - because if he can’t pay the money back, he will be threatened not only with bankruptcy but also with losing custody of Sammy. With all these worries, he doesn’t find it particularly helpful when his lively daughter makes the acquaintance of the charming master confectioner Julia. In fact, the two of them quickly become very close, and soon Michael also falls victim to Julia’s charm. Which makes it all the more disappointing when he finally confesses his love for her only to discover that she is about to get married to public prosecutor Wolfgang. In addition to the emotional distress, Michael it is still facing severe financial problems. But there is no way he can accept the lucrative offer presented to him by his agent Susanne, who could arrange work for him as a fashion photographer once more; that would mean him spending so much time abroad that he would have to put Sammy into boarding school. Suzanne herself would very much like that idea, because her aim is to get Michael all to herself. But Michael has eyes for nobody except Julia. When Sammy, who has already started to see Julia as a new mother, learns of Julia’s impending wedding, she is overcome by despair and runs off. The situation is one of emotional chaos, and we are still some way from a happy end for everybody concerned... 


Christine Neubauer, Hardy Krüger Jr., Roxanne Borski, Ingolf Lück u.a.


Matthias Kopp

Daniel Maximilian / Thomas Pauli

Michael Tötter

Tom Zenker

Fritz Pfeiffer

Achim Fischer

Matthias Klemme

Thomas Blum

Britta Hansen

Tanja Ziegler

Renate Michel, Degeto



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