The Rose-Grower, Parts I and II (2003)

Filming of the dramatic ZDF two-part TV film “The Rose-Grower”, based on the novel of the same name by Charlotte Link, has now been completed in South Africa and on the island of Guernsey. Hannelore Elsner is the rose-grower Beatrice Shaye - an extraordinary woman who has been struggling for freedom all her life.

Trapped by fate in a relationship dominated by revulsion and hatred, Beatrice had lived for many years with Helene Feldmann. The two women appeared in some mysterious way to be chained to one another - and this has been the situation since the year 1940, when Beatrice was virtually adopted as a child by Helene and her husband Erich, a senior German officer, while the Channel Islands were occupied by German forces during the Second World War. From the very beginning the Feldmanns were rivals for Beatrice’s affection. In the final days of the war the situation became catastrophic: Beatrice killed Erich Feldmann in order to protect the love of her life, the French prisoner of war Julien. Helene, for whom Erich's death represented the end of a period of torment in her life, concealed the crime. But when she was freed from an unhappy marriage she became obsessed with the young Beatrice, soon adopting the role of her destructive shadow. Until she was murdered. The clues now point towards Julien, who has reappeared on the island after so many years and appears to be involved in some shady business.


Hannelore Elsner, Ruth-Maria Kubitschek, Vadim Glowna, Axel Milberg, Frank Giering, Eva Herzig, David Rott, Simona Sbaffi, Camil


Erhard Riedlsperger

Jürgen Werner

Frank Brühne

Christine Boock

Dave Pearson

Delia De Villiers-Minaar

Garric Hancock

Britta Hansen

Wolfgang Hantke

Dr. Heide Hess, ZDF



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