The Country Doctor - Slow Poison (2008)

Another episode of a successful series about Dr. Johanna Lohmann

The wedding bells are finally set to ring out, and the whole of Grossraming is eager to find out whether, after several false starts, Dr. Johanna Lohmann will finally step up to the altar with her fiancé, the vet Laurenz Hofer. Johanna’s son Max and his new friend Bastian - an orphan who has been adopted by the doctor – are also looking forward to the celebrations. By chance Johanna stumbles upon an indication as to the identity of Bastian’s father: the boy's late mother always refused to name the man. But it now appears that it might be Daniel Winterberg, a horse-breather from a neighbouring village. Winterberg denies that he is the father though, but demonstrates a great deal of interest in Johanna. And if she is honest, her encounter with him also prompts feelings in her which are not entirely appropriate for a woman who is about to get married. However, Johanna doesn't have much time to think about all this: Laurenz has found traces of a deadly pesticide in a dying deer. And one of Johanna’s patience is suffering from inexplicable breathing difficulties. Everything suggests that pesticides have been dumped illegally in a nearby field. And when Bastian disregards all warnings and enters the field, he suffers an allergic shock which is potentially fatal. Will Johanna be able to save the boy? Will Bastian have to continue to grow up without a father? And will Johanna and Laurenz finally say "I do"?


Christine Neubauer, Timothy Peach, Johanna von Koczian, Siegfried Rauch, August Schmölzer, Sven Martinek u.v.a.


Thomas Nennstiel

Mathias Klaschka

Sandra Klein

Reiner Lauter

Ingrid Koller

Johannes Paiha

Iwan Pasuchin

Thomas Vögel

Eva Roebling

Regina Ziegler, Ko-Produzent Veit Heiduschka, Wega Film

Renate Michel, Degeto



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