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The Great Runaway (1978)

All of them want to go they want to break out, to make the great escape, adults as well as youngsters, and Schocker and Richy as well. The two juvenilies have to do wilh a reality in which mistrust and suppression, desperation and lack of everything is reigned by the working day and all the explanations and arguments are mostly settled by using their fists. No surprise that Schocker tries to escape to Italy on a tug-boaat as a stowaway and Richy dreams of once becoming a famous pop-star. But the reality is different again and again they are taken back to their worn-out atmosphere of their families, forced to little skulduggery and characterizes them for being criminals. While Richy gets himself more and more entangled with the shady business thus becomes lonelier and lonelier, Schocker is looking for an apprenticeship - without success because the place where he lives is no good address at all. And even accepting quite a few set-backs he finds his stability in a relation to a neighbour's girl. Consequently, Richy is the pitiablo person because he is off the beaten track and only can relate to people in a way of revenge for everythingthat was done to him.


Jochen Schroeder,Hans Jürgen Müller,Adriane Rimscha,Hanna Schygulla,Günter Lamprecht,Katharina Tüschen,Franciszek Pieczka,Renate


Marianne Lüdcke

Leonie Ossowski, Marianne Lüdcke

Leander Loosen

Günther Fischer

Harold Waistnage

Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion


TV Mini-Series

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