Gambled Away - The Story of an Addiction (2003)

In this documentary film Jürgen Weyhausen has been fired from his high-paying job because of embezzlement of company funds. It’s not the first time, as he always manages to right himself, only to hit the skids again. As a gambling addict and alcoholic, he has had his ups and downs, always has a woman at his side at the gambling table. After his last crisis, he seeks help at Synanon in Berlin. He finds work at a furniture company, falls in love again, then goes on a 14-day drinking spree. Jürgen Weyhausen is not the classic loser. He’s a gambler who can’t break the addition. The turnover in casinos is 20 million Euros annually.


Linda Amoulong und Gunther Scholz

Andreas Bergmann und Axel Brandt

Anni Berrini

Alexander Laxhet, Heiko Schulze

Claudia Bissinger

Gudrun Hanke-El Gomri (SWR), Rolf Bergmann (RBB)

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