The Riding Brain

The film is not an expose on August Strindberg as a historical person.

Vicky and Nicky

Up to now quick-witted Vicky's life has been bound up with old things in plentiful supply as  she runs the pawnbroker shop in Berlin Kreuzberg.


"Congratulations to Peter Stein! He has managed to transfer his superb production of OTHELLO with the Welsh National Opera to the small screen without damaging it in any apparent fashion.


A documentary of director Peter Steín's theatrical work outside Germany shot during a performance of ORESTIE in Athens in 1986. As venue for the performance, a stone quarry was reconstructed and altered to seat 2000 people.

In Search of the Sun

The revolutionary plays "1789" and "1793", the monumental film "Moliére", the dramatization of Klaus Mann's "Mephisto", the Shakespeare cycle - Ariane Mnouchkine's work always creates sensation, and the works

Faithful to the original

“Faithful to the Original - the Classics and the Directors” provides an overview of vital, living theatre in the form of extracts from classical pieces staged by well-known

The Park

Once again Botho Strauß rehearses a satyric drama in our society, governed as it is by the concept of the Last Judgement. He penetrates our technological present by using the myths of nature from the past.

Triumph of Love

Luc Bondy's production of THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE aims to take the Marivaux figures away from the audience, so that distance engenders clear-sightedness.

The Dreamer

The film portrays the problems of people around the age of 40, who have already lived the larger part of their life, but on the other hand aren't willing or able to go on like this.

David, a clown

American David Shiner studied drama for three years before he discovered his talent for mime. In Paris, the international mime metropole, he was able to acquire the basic techniques.

In the Beginning Was The Thief

The hand holding the non-filter cigarette shakes, but the close-up of the television camera, examining every wrinkle and the stubble on his chin in an open search for the thief, the poet, the myth of Genet which verges on voyeurism, reveals eyes

The Deportation

Elke Steube, an 18-year-old schoolgirl, reveals to her parents that she has entered a fictitious marriage with a Kurdish Turk.

The 24-Hour City

A round-the clock-portrait of Berlin from an underground, freaked-out perspective. Documentary shots filmed as life races by, staged absurdities, sequences to catch the impetus of an extraordinary metropolis.

André Heller Watches His Fireworks

Summer 1984. An audience of 50.000 people gathers at the Reichstag, Berlin, to marvel at the vast firework show entitled "The World and Counter World, or Tumbling through Dreams", presented by André Heller, the "total artist" from Vienna.

Behind The Door

Since the death of her mother 18 years ago, Pia Gonnermann, 24, has been living alone in a feudal villa as a rich heiress.

The Family or Schroffenstein

The two noble families, Rossitz and Warwand, are related, and since the succession of both lines has been settled by a decree stating that if one family dies out the combined property shall go to the surviving family, they keep close, suspicious and

Hermann´s Battle

To impose total subjugation over the Teutonic lands Varus, the Roman general, secretly tries to play Marbot, leader of the Suevi, off against Hermann, Prince of the Cheruscans. Hermann sees through the Roman intrigue and pretends to fall for it.

Fleeting Acquaintis

Dieter Wellershoff’s film Fleeting Acquaintances tells a story of everyday life.


The Schaubühne Theatre rehearsed for over a year before the 9-hour epic in three parts had its premier in October 1980. Several translations and versions of the text were used as a basis for the production, to ensure that the 2.

The Unapprochable

Daughter of an American dancer and French father, Leslie Caron was already a prima ballerina in Paris when recommended by Gene Kelly as his dancing partner in Vincente Minnelli's An American in Paris (1951).

I´ve Felt at Home Everywhere

Irmgard Keun, a writer from Cologne, left her Germany in 1936, disgusted by the sight of German fascism. In 1940, still hunted by the Nazis, she returned illegally.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Last Works

This portrait shows Rainer Werner Fassbinder both as an actor - taking the leading role in the film KAMIKAZE 1989, also directed by Wolf Gremm, - and as a director working on QUERELEL, his adaption of the work by Jean Genet.

Valse Triste

The story unfolds with the logic of a dream. The external course the plot takes is unreal. However, it reflects the hopes, fears and desires of the characters in very concrete terms.

Big and Small

“Where to? – No reply.” The pairing of a question screamed into an empty room and the depressed reply flung back at herself describes most clearly the condition of the central figure in this piece.

Triologie of Reunion

The exhibition of a medium-sized art club seems to be endangered. Even more in danger are the arty club members, the petty bourgeois art-jet-set.

Willi And His Comrades

His report card in school reads: "Willi Klein is a dreamer. In serious danger of failing High School”.

The Great Runaway

All of them want to go they want to break out, to make the great escape, adults as well as youngsters, and Schocker and Richy as well.

The Indecent Profit

The criminal investigation department and cartel officers appear in the main office of a raw-material factory for synthetic material.

Only Worth Half as Much

In spring 1978 the metal industry for the first time was confronted with skills problems. Together with his crew director Thomas Mitscherlich watched the industrial dispute in Reutlingen for six weeks.


The electronic versions of the old one-armed bandits are the MONARCH's aim in the appropriate bars, and his only source of income. With a trick only he knows he is able to “crack open” almost every machine in certain spotted out bars.

The Moodies

THE MOODIES consist of five girls and one young man from England.

Anna und Edith

Anna and Edith are colleagues working for an insurance firm. Their boss is bragging with the achievements of the two women without giving them credit for their good work. Anna’s husband would prefer for Anna to stay home.

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