Zeruya Shalev - The great Hymn of Love (2007)

Bestselling author Zeruya Shalev from Israel fascinates readers worldwide with her literary explorations of the mystery between man and woman. From Jerusalem to Rome, Beijing to Istanbul, readers identify with the protagonists of her trilogy about modern love. Her books have been translated into 22 different languages. In German-speaking regions alone, more than 1 million copies have been sold. She is a magician of language who dissects the lovers´ meanderings with great depth and illuminating power letting them suffer the miseries of hell only to have them savour again earthly happiness with greater wisdom. The film accompanies the bible scholar in her everyday life in Jerusalem, a city that has an enormous appeal on her. Leaving the town would never occur to Zeruya Shalev, even though in 2004 she was severely injured in a suicide bombing that took place in her neighbourhood.
Together with the author we embark on a journey into her childhood in Beit Berl, a place she greatly misses until this day and we meet the literary family that surrounds her - her parents, her brother, her husband. Through the eyes of this love scholar we are allowed to witness a very subjective look at modern Israel, a country that is disrupted and threatened in its existence, a look at once passionate and deferent – also towards the unknown.


Marion Kollbach, Angela Scheele

Bella Halben

Sigrid Sveistrup

Jasmin Gravenhorst, Tanja Ziegler

Ulrike Dotzer, NDR/arte



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