Planned Children III - Mummy´s Honeymoon (2007)

After many ups and downs Hilde, the mother of a large family, finally marries the man she has fallen in love with so long ago. Theo moves the whole family into a large family villa and it seems their happiness is complete. Hilde discovers that it is hard for her to keep up with the fast tempo at which Theo lives his everyday life. Since she does not want to appear old but want to be a young and vibrant wife to her husband. That is why she keeps her mysterious dizzy spells to herself. Even when she collapses during a shopping spree and misses the plane to go onto their honeymoon she does not reveal her obvious health problems. Theo’s strong disappointment about the missed honeymoon endangers their marital happiness. Love life on other fronts also seems to be disturbed. Hanna’s daughter Anna is sad because her best friend moved to Brazil and does not bother to stay in touch. Things between Regina and Robert have been difficult since Robert lost his job at the bank and Regina’s career takes off, leaving Robert to play the unfamiliar role of stay-at-home husband and father. Frank is not a happy man either, since he has the distinct feeling that his wife Susanne has never really accepted his job as a car mechanic. He is frustrated that does not seem to appreciate the effort he is putting in taking care of her and their young son Viktor. Will Hilde and her daughters manage to solve the relationship problems life has thrown at them?


Ruth Maria Kubitschek, Susanna Simon, Oliver Bootz, Tina Ruland, Marita Marschall, Michael Roll, Ernst Stankowvski u.v.a.


Thomas Jacob

Ina Siefert, Andy Hoetzel

Sebastian Richter

Barbara Hiltmann

Dirk Homann

Andreas Schmid

Maik Reimann

Nanni Erben

Wolfgang Hantke

Renate Michel, Degeto

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