On the Way in the USA - Roots and Music (2000)

Who hasn’t dreamed of driving along endless inter-state highways, floating above New York in a helicopter or crossing Grand Canyon in a boat? ON THE WAY IN THE USA director Wolf Gremm takes the viewers with him as he travels through California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Montana and other US states. 240 of the best songs and classics from rock and pop, reggae, jazz, swing and techno - some of them in rare recordings - make the film a genuine feast for the ears as well. Among the places where this musical road movie stops off are Cape Cod, New York, Long Island and Plymouth, Chicago, Denver and the Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, Monument Valley, San Francisco, Death Valley, Reno and Lake Tahoe, as well as Miami. Over a period of 10 years Gremm made repeated visits to the USA, recording his fascination for “God’s Own Country” in documentary style at various times of the year, often with a hand-held video camera, generally from a moving car. Far from the glamour of Hollywood, what concerns Gremm is a very personal, authentic perspective on the landmarks of American everyday life, and on the people who cross his path.


Wolf Gremm



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