Trade Office for Household (2002)

Bernd Lackner, a very busy architect, spends less and less time at home. He considers himself a great organizer, not realizing that he would be in a fix without his wife Katrin and his assistant Sonja. Katrin, who gave up her career as an architect for the family, and his children Alex, Nicki and Laura – miss him a lot and are sick and tired of his constant absence and excuses. Especially Alex is mad at his father. But it is not easy for Bernd right now, as most of his clients are leaving him for others. He’s a burnt-out case, and if nothing changes, the office – which he had built up together with Katrin – will have to close down. The only person he shares this fact with is his assistant Sonja. When Bernd misses Laura’s birthday and then – to top it – promises her a horse as a present, family bliss goes out the window. To calm his pubescent daughter Nicki, he invites her out to dinner. But he forgot that he had an appointment with Ricken, an important client, at the same time. Bernd tries to keep both appointments at the same time, which of course ends in a disaster. When Katrin takes him to task, they start quarrelling over who masters the more difficult task. Katrin bets Bernd would sink the household into chaos, while Bernd claims Katrin would drive the business to bankruptcy. They agree to exchange roles and make it a deal.


Christine Neubauer / Axel Milberg / Brigitte Grothum / Anette Hellwig


Karen Müller

Julius Grützke

Markus Fraunholz

Susanne Peuscher

Benjamin Riesenfeld

Andreas Dicke

Jörg Fahnenbruck

Ulli Klotz

Nanni Erben

Tanja Ziegler

Dr. Renate Michel, ARD Degeto


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