On the Razor's Edge (2005)

Katharina Böhm, Stephan Kampwirth und Tim Bergmann – three people who get caught by their own past in a horrible way.

1995 in war’s chaos of Balkan: For neurosurgeon Victor Novak and his German colleague Karen Bender every operation in the Red-Cross-Camp means giving medical aid by risking their own lives. They even manage to complete a complex operation during the bombing of the camp. As there is no time left for their own escape, they hide in an empty factory building. Overwhelmed by their own fear they long for warmth and intimacy and finally look for each other’s closeness. Only later Karen confesses that she has been happily married just for a very little while. Though Viktor falls in love with her, he accepts her feelings. Seven years later: Karen has returned to Germany long ago and works successfully as a specialist for plastic surgery. Together with her husband, lawyer Christoph, and her little daughter Kim, she enjoys her life. Until the day doctors discover an inherited deformity of her daughter Kim’s blood vessels. An immediate operation becomes necessary. In the clinic they get introduced to an especially renowned neuron expert, what comes as a shock to Karen, because this expert is none other than Victor Novak. Even though she knows that he would be the best to operate her daughter – the medical codex forbids it. Their encounter seven years ago was not without consequences – but Kim’s life is at risk.


Katharine Böhm, Stephan Kampwirth, Tim Bergmann, Bettina Zimmermann, Leslie-Vanessa Lill


Michael Rowitz

Daniel Maximilian & Thomas Pauli

Dietmar Koelzer

Alexander von Zündt

Annette Reuther

Reinhold Maul

Nanni Erben

Tanja Ziegler

Dr. Renate Michel



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