Summer Light (2009)

Lea Walter lives with her mother Marion in a magnificent vineyard in the mountains of Majorca which has been run by the family for many generations. Since a tragic accident many years ago, which Lea can hardly remember, her mother has been confined to a wheelchair without the power of speech. The estate is run by Lea's ambitious son Enrico, who has great plans for the property. Lea herself feels obliged to respect the wishes of her late father, the respected painter Erich Walter, who inserted a clause in his will stipulating that none of his pictures should ever be sold or removed from the estate. On the occasion of Lea's 70th birthday her good friend Sean Everrad, a sensitive art historian, comes to visit from New York. Lea's daughter Ricarda, an unconventional actress, is also present, along with her son Mark. Lea finds herself becoming obsessed with the past and plagued by nightmares. With Sean’s help she attempts to decipher the repressed memories of her childhood. However, the present is also weighing down heavily upon her: in an attempt to open a hotel and wellness centre on the property, Enrico has overstretched himself financially and now wants to fight off impending bankruptcy by selling his grandfather's paintings. But Lea is adamantly opposed to the idea. The furious Enrico lets out his rage on his intimidated wife Fiona and son Daniel. While Lea does her best to keep the family together, the last great family secret threatens to emerge into the daylight.


Ruth-Maria Kubitschek, Sky Du Mont, Florian Fitz, Tina Ruland, Nadeshda Brennicke, Elisabeth Wiedemann u.v.a.


Wolf Gremm

Wolf Gremm, nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Adèle Geras

Marion Klann

Claus Peter Hildenbrand

Kerstin Kaxel

Jochen Schumacher

Angela Gillner

Libor Tesacek

Ausführender Produzent
Wolfgang Hantke

Jörn Klamroth



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