Only a Dead Man Is a Good Man (1999)

He likes to sail in the storm, he loves dangerous rock climbing and his wife always has to accompany him. Ursula Winkler does not lead an easy life with Walter, owner of a packaging plant. At one point, though, fate intervenes – all of a sudden Walter dies. Is Ursula to blame? Soon after her husband’s funeral, the widow blossoms, and –  to everyone’s surprise - takes over her husband’s business. She discloses the illegal dealings of some bank directors and even starts and wins an argument with Willi Wontura, her toughest competitor. Oddly enough, all men, who enter her life now, also leave it for good very soon.


Thekla Carola Wied,Dieter Mann,Rolf Becker,Lambert Hamel,Franziska Bronnen,Michael Roll,Johannes Terne,Juraj Kukura,Tina Ruland,


Wolf Gremm

Wolf Gremm nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Gaby Hauptmann

Carl Koschnik


Tv Movie

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