No Trains no Planes (1999)

NO TRAINS NO PLANES is a film about looking for contact and communication, love and intimacy. And about the way people wriggle mainly to escape after all from what they were looking for.

The film, which is inspired by Jean-Paul Franssen's novel Broederweelde ("fraternal bliss"), tells the story of the loser Gerard  who comes to say goodbye to the other regulars and is set on his last day in the Café being a good one. He has brought a goodbye present for everyone. Unlike what he's been hoping Gerard's announced departure makes little impression, not even when he claims - to avoid saying what he's really planning - to be going to Italy for good that evening. And when Paula also rejects him in favour of the German criminal Klaus who's turned up, Gerard plays his last trump card: his brother. He, indeed, is no less than the famous singer of sentimental songs Mario Russo, who Gerard is however at loggerheads with. But thanks to his successful brother Gerard does suddenly receive the attention he wanted so much. As Mario Russo appears in the café in person, though, Gerard finally loses all control over his last day.


Dirk van Dirjck,Gene Bervoets,Ellen ten Damme,Henri Garcin,Kees Prins,Peer Mascini,Leny Breederveld,Katja Schuurmann,Aat Ceelen,


Jos Stelling

Jos Stelling, Hans Heesen

d.o.p. Goert Giltaij

Nicola Piovani

Gert Brinkers

Anton Kramer


Feature Film

35mm, Farbe

103 min

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