Mother Gets Going (2002)

Eva Maria Split is pleased when her husband Herbert retires. But she is less taken with his idea that they should set off on a long journey in the new mobile home. Eva Maria hates camping holidays. And apart from that, she has plenty to do at home: her son Frederik still lives with them, and on top of that Eva Maria looks after her granddaughter Luise, since her daughter Anna and her son-in-law Daniel both have full-time jobs. And there’s something else which makes Eva Maria want to stick around: for the last few months she has been speculating on the stock market with such success that Daniel has even offered her a job in his financial consultancy firm. This leaves Herbert trying to run the household and making a mess of everything. The inevitable conflict is not long in coming. Frederik moves out, and by way of a replacement for him Herbert accomodates his new camping friend Klaus in the boy’s old room. Eva Maria’s marriage is put to a serious test. But despite everything, she finally agrees to go camping with Herbert. This entails Herbert drinking bottles of beer with the guys from the other mobile homes, while Eva Maria struggles with the everyday difficulties of camping life. The fact that everything works out just fine for the whole family in the end is predominantly due Eva Maria’s instinctive mastery of the stock market…


Gila von Weitershausen, Elmar Wepper, Jeanne Tremsal, David Winter, Verena Peter, Thure Riefenstein, Paul Fassnacht u.a.


Ariane Zeller

Jessica Schellack / Kerstin Oesterlin

Axel Henschel

Melanie Werwie

Benjamin Riesenfeld

Jörg Fahnenbruck

Thomas Blum

Nanni Erben

Tanja Ziegler

Renate Michel, Degeto



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