Men Are Like Chocolate (1999)

Linda, a 32 year-old-single, works as an art director for the advertising agency König & König. Together with her gay colleague Donald she enjoys watching happy couples on TV. They share sarcastic comments, whilst eating large portionsof chocolate ice cream. Linda is busy preparing a presentation for the important client Mike Badon: He is looking for an advertising campaign for their latest product: a nappy that rings once it is full. Unfortunately Linda does not like the guy at all. As she really shows her unwillingness, the job as well as the agency are in danger. In addition her private life is also in a mess. Although Linda’s parents, who have been separated for a couple of years, decide to live together again, she tries everything to prevent this from happening. She does not look after her own love life at all. Linda as well as her family are afraid whether she will ever find the "one and only”. Then the most bizarre thing happens: Totally unexpected she is falling in love with "macho Mike”.


Jennifer Nitsch,Max Tidof,Stefan Jürgens,Peter Sattmann,Monika Hansen,Otto Sander,Eva Haßmann,Jessica Stockmann,Katja Riemann,u.


Uwe Wilhelm

Christina Kallas und Uwe Wilhelm nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Tina Grube

Arthur W. Ahrweiler


TV Movie

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