Loving and Killing (2004)

ZDF psycho-thriller “Loving and Killing“ with Anne Brendler, Gesine Cukrowski, Bernhard Schir and Francis Fulton-Smith. The production was filmed on Phuket, in Thailand.

Book illustrator Isabelle and her husband Tom come to Thailand to visit her best friend Julia, who has a diving school here. Isabelle hopes their first holiday together in years can represent a new beginning for their marriage, which has been going through a difficult period. But when, in curious circumstances, Tom is shown a mysterious video which appears to reveal Isabelle being unfaithful to him, he completely flies off the handle. The woman in the video really does look like Isabelle, and she finds it impossible to persuade Tom that this isn't the case. In desperation Isabelle goes to stay with Julia. While they are shopping at the market one day she meets the German adventurer Klaus. They are both gripped by an incredibly powerful passion, although this is overshadowed to some extent by his mysterious past: did he really kill his wife several years ago, so he would be able to lead a carefree life on Phuket with her money? When more and more inexplicable incidents take place and Isabelle begins to feel very threatened, she can see nothing for it but to return to Germany. But somebody has now made sure that she can't leave the country. Who is this dangerous opponent who appears to be toying with her? When Tom is killed, the situation escalates: Isabelle has to fight - for her life and her true love. 


Anne Brendler, Gesine Cukrowski, Francis Fulton Smith, Bernhard Schir


Wolf Gremm

Mathias Klaschka und Wolf Gremm

Adrian Ochse

Ursula Vossen

Wolfgang Hantke, Ausführender Produzent

Pit Rampelt, ZDF



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