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Harald Juhnke Show (1985)

Applause explodes like thunderbolt everytime the inimitable Harald Juhnke mounts the stage. When everybody else would rather sit somewhere, sipping his afternoon coffee, he hauls the public into the pristine Philharmonic which only Karajan is otherwise capable of. And "Little Harald", the darling of the public, indestructible despite gossip and his gallivanting lifestyle, enthralls his audience with chansons, anecdotes and small talk. 

For whatever those little evil tongues may conjure, no one will ever be able to deprive him of his extraordinary and versatile showmanship. Whether he is delivering verse, narrating a story or singing, he remains credible, very relaxed in his unmistakable Berlin tongue or with his coy charm "like all them ol' Prrrrusiens!" possess. Accompanied by the Pit Seeborg Band, this bundle of power delivers a show of sure fun and entertainment.


Harald Juhnke


Wolf Gremm

Regina Ziegler


TV Show

1" Tape, colour

59'42 min.

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