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Fleeting Acquaintis (1982)

Dieter Wellershoff’s film Fleeting Acquaintances tells a story of everyday life.

We take a closer look at a weekend of divorced woman: a woman who spends her time going out with female friends or making casual acquaintances of men. Disillusioned by a divorce she tries to make the best of things and to resist the temptation to give up. In order to pursue a professional career she had to leave her child with her parents. The resulting feelings of guilt make her impatient, insecure and irritable. She is looking for some interpersonal warmth, new friends but keeps getting involved in fleeting, interchangeable, superficial relationships where sexuality has become a means of shutting out real human interaction. Her partners are men who are just passing through, who turn up and then vanish when they feel like it. Seeking and absconding: these are the ever-returning motifs of the story. Avoiding the dangers of new disappointments, avoiding tragic suffering without which true happiness might not be obtainable. The endless repetition of the seeking game. Living life with lowered expectations, oscillating between disillusionment and your dreams which cannot be denied. It will not be easy to play this game of finding yourself without being destroyed.


Angelika Domröse, Günter Lamprecht, Dagmar Biener, Christa Berndl, Hannes Messemer, Helmut Berger, Gunter Berger, Martina Herrma


Marianne Lüdcke

Dieter Wellershoff; Bearbeitung Marianne Lüdcke

Michael Steinke

Maciej Putowski

Regina Ziegler


TV Movie

16 mm Farbe

103 min.

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