Eva Zacharias (2004)

The beautiful Eva Zacharias recently moved to the idyllic village of Moosbach with her husband Peter and their two children Martin and Laura. Peter has accepted a position as an industrial chemist with the paint company Trammert. His friend Gabriel is his new boss, and the children quickly settle in with their newly made friends. One day a dramatic incident occurs: after swimming in the local river Martin falls victim to a severe and dangerous skin rash, while his friend Ingo, son of the mayor, loses consciousness while playing in the river. Despite immediate attempts by Dr. Kampwirth to resuscitate him, Ingo dies in the hospital a few days later. Eva begins to suspect that something is seriously wrong in the ever so idyllic town of Moosbach and its river. Soon her suspicions focus on two possible causes: the local garbage dump and the chemical factory where her husband is employed. Peter becomes furious about her accusations and prohibits her to do further investigations into the chemical factory. Eva’s concerns are generally dismissed as the result of a very vivid imagination. Nobody but Dr. Kampwirth shares her suspicions. And when Eva secretly takes water samples, she makes a discovery with far-reaching consequences...


Christine Neubauer, Dominic Raacke, Gabriel Barylli, Peter Davor


Susanne Zanke

Saskia Lechtenbrink, Susanne Zanke

Tamas Ujlaki

Britta Hansen

Tanja Ziegler

Renate Michel



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