A Woman At the Top (1994)

An ambitious woman who wants to get to the top - unfortunately even in today’s society female ambition is often frowned upon and often still not socially accepted. Especially when the career in question is a career in politics and when a man is bound to be replaced by a woman like in the case of the gallery owner Nina Gössel who is appointed Minister of Culture for a local government. Despite the fact that her appointment is solely based on her qualifications Nina still is dependent on the support of the men around her. And so, Nina's career is soon hanging by a thread.
The film could be set in any big German city since the described conditions are universal. This kind of male disapproval, jealousy and intrigue are not only found in the world of culture. How can a woman put up with it? What gives her the strength to carry on fighting these battles? In the case of Nina Gössel it is her capacity for love and her unrivalled intellect. A combination of character trades which are thrilling and likable at the same time.


Thekla Carola Wied, Peter Sattmann, Cathleen Gawlich, Anja Kling, Franz Buchrieser, Jürgen Hentsch, Eberhard Feik, Heribert Sass


Bodo Fürneisen

Knut Boeser

Jair Ganor

Regina Ziegler



TV Movie

16 mm, colour

90 Min.

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