The Hours before Dawn (1996)

Luise is a housewife and mother of three. Her two daughters are exhausting enough, but when baby Michael begins to scream every night he deprives his mother of her sleep - and almost drives her out of her mind. To get some help Luise decides to take a tenant, Vera Brandt, an attractive woman of about 40 who teaches Greek and Latin at high school. Only gradually does Luise, who is completely engrossed in the task of running the house and looking after the children virtually alone - especially the baby - come to realize that there is something strange about her new tenant. However, her husband Max is fascinated by the teacher and has no time for his wife’s suspicions. One night Luise is convinced that her baby has gone missing, but when it later emerges that the child is sleeping peacefully in his cot, Max begins to wonder whether his wife is going out of her mind. Luise starts to doubt her own sanity when the baby once again vanishes and reappears without any apparent explanation.


Gudrun Landgrebe, Susanne Lothar, Gunter Berger, Karl- Friedrich Schmidt, Laura Berninger, Louise Martini


Wolf Gremm

Wolf Gremm

Jörg Seidl

Regina Ziegler



TV Movie

87 min.

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