The Public Prosecutor (1995)

1. Episode:

Public prosecutor Katharina Reuter sees her world collapse around her when her husband is shot dead in broad daylight while going to buy some cigarettes. She can make out the features of a man who bends over his body - but the police comes too late. Inspector Andreas Döpke, an old friend of Katharina’s, takes charge of the investigation. Soon the mysterious death of her husband produces more questions than answers for her - and since she feels the investigation is not making sufficient progress, she takes advantage of her position as public prosecutor to investigate her husband’s “real life”.

2. Episode:

By chance Katharina discovers the body of her husband’s mistress - and all the indications suggest he was responsible for her murder. Completely mystified by the curious double life her husband appears to have been leading, she doesn’t tell Andreas about this discovery. Now her investigation places Katharina herself increasingly in danger from whoever murdered her husband. And when an attempt is made on her life - which leads to an innocent bystander meeting his death - she finally confides in Andreas. The investigation now appears to suggest a connection between Thomas Reuter and international nuclear smuggling activities. A significant clue leads Katharina and Andreas to Vilnius, and while they are attempting to find the explanation there for these mysterious deaths, Katharina’s sister Sonja encounters the murderer himself.

3. Episode:

Sonja is in hospital, where the doctors are fighting to save her life. When she comes round it proves possible for her to help compile a photofit description of the murderer. Katarina races back to Berlin and discovers that one of her recent cases - the mysterious murder of a small boy - was apparently connected with the uranium smuggling affair and the death of her own husband. When Katharina attempts to confront the wife of the main suspect in the boy’s murder she finds that she has been lured into a trap. And now Andreas becomes involved in a race against time... not realizing that the true murderer of Thomas Reuter is to be found in the immediate proximity of Katharina herself.


Lena Stolze, Peter Lohmeier, Wolfgang Greese, Christoph Waltz, Andreas Mannkopff, Jackie Schwarz, Nina Hoger u.a.


Thomas Jakob

Marlies Ewald, Peter Probst

Helmut Bahr, Piotr Sobocinski

Arnold Fritsch

Regina Ziegler



TV Movie

3 x 90 min.

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