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The Moodies (1974)

THE MOODIES consist of five girls and one young man from England. Roderich Melvin, Sarah Anne Bean, Polly Eltes, Suzi Adderley, Annie Sloan and Marianne Holiday put on a hit parade of the sixties and seventies as a travesty of a satirical funfair revue. A man at the piano, made up as bald headed and deathly pale, and the five ladies who in turn take off Liza Minelli or Greta Garbo, Elvis Presley or backstair Nieze Groupies or Humming Group. THE MOODIES take the lyrics of popular hits literally and unmask the idiocy of these highly saleable haunting tones with exaggerated tomfoolery. The practical joking of this troupe is a sophisticated parody and at the same time highly amusing entertainment. All six completed their studies in visual arts at Reading University. One of the reasons for their success is that they are not trying to put across any latent or patent message, but are quite simply showbiz people, bursting with vitality.


Wolf Gremm

Wolf Gremm

Jürgen Wagner

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