The Woman Who Vanished in the Forest (2007)

In his latest film Oliver Storz again deals with an aspect of German post-war history: up to the 21st of November the well-known director and writer will be filming his own book "The Woman who Vanished in the Forest" in Gifhorn, Schwäbisch-Hall, Leutkirch, Schwäbisch-Gmünd and Stuttgart. The cast of this NDR/SWR coproduction includes Matthias Brandt, Stefan Kurt, Karoline Eichhorn and Jürgen Hentsch. The film is produced by Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG. Storz, who has previously won the Grimme Prize, has already made "In the Shadow of Power" – about the  Guillaume affair - and the tragicomedy “Three Sisters Made in Germany” for NDR. His latest work is scheduled to be broadcast on Channel One next year.
We are in Germany in the mid-1950s. Dr. Gerd Vorweg, mayor of a provincial town, has every right to feel generally content with his life. A year after the end of the war he persuaded a large textile company to build a factory in his town, bringing prosperity back to the region. He is popular with the inhabitants, and he and his wife Katharina have an exemplary marriage.
This idyllic situation is shattered when Katharina suddenly vanishes without a trace. All the indications suggest that she lost her life during the detonation of an artillery shell in what is known as the "bone forest", a restricted area full of minds and unexploded bombs. However, the remains of her body were never found. Vorweg is distraught and completely unable to explain how and why his wife vanished.
One night a friend from the war, Horst Karg, turns up unexpectedly on Vorweg’s doorstep. And now the mayor is confronted with events from the past which he has previously suppressed: during the war he was a military doctor and treated his friend when he was wounded at the front. And Karg still has a score to settle with him from those days.
The present and the past to begin to intermingle. What does Karg had to do with the disappearance of Katharina? It turns out that in the apparently so perfect world of Gerd Vorweg nothing is as it seems.
The production features Matthias Brandt (Horst Karg), Stefan Kurt (Dr. Gerd Vorweg), Karoline Eichhorn (Katharina Vorweg), Jürgen Hentsch (Dr. Rohleder), Christoph Hofrichter (Bürgermeister Braun), Georg Alfred Wittner (Chauffeur Brückner) and Hermann Schreiber (Dallmaier).
It is produced by Regina Ziegler. Camera: Frank Brühne, producer: Katharina Lambsdorff, program editors: Doris J. Heinze (NDR) and Brigitte Dithard (SWR). “The Woman who Vanished in the Forest” has been made with financial support from nordmedia and the MFG Film Subsidy Board of Baden-Württemberg.


Matthias Brandt, Stefan Kurt, Karoline Eichhorn, Jürgen Hentsch u.v.a.


Oliver Storz

Oliver Storz

Frank Brühne

Heidi Handorf

Oliver S. Roggow

Klaus Doldinger

Klaus Peter Platten

Wolfgang Kluge

Katharina Gräfin Lambsdorff

Regina Ziegler

Doris J. Heinze, NDR / Dr. Manfred Hattendorf und Brigitte Dithard, SWR



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