At your own risk I (1993)

At your own risk I

Over the past two years Anna Marx has been travelling between Bonn and Berlin at her own risk: as a society columnist with an extremely turbulent private life and a great deal of journalistic curiosity, she constantly gets involved in things which don’t really concern her - propelled also by feminine intuition. After she has done a routine tour of Bonn society there is a burglary in the newspaper office. What started off as a gossip item about a state visit is transformed into a case of arms smuggling, leading to a mysterious abduction from a restaurant one evening - and Anna Marx is deeply involved, whether she wants to be or not. In fact this energetic woman in her mid-40s who is quite capable of chatting to international celebrities as part of her job owes a great deal of her success to the fact that she enjoys her work. A further advantage of this undemanding sector of journalism is that it gives Anna a great deal of time. And Anna, who is not married, needs as much time as she can get for romance - and for her detective films. Sometimes she finds herself involved in petty incidents, but sometimes the cases are of great political importance. And Anna Marx is always one step ahead of the police.


Thekla Carola Wied, Jaecki Schwarz, Roland Schäfer, Michael Brandner, Eva - I. Scholz, Heike Kossmann, u. a.


Dieter Berner, Stefan Lukschy, Markus Imboden

Stefan Lukschy, Christoph Gottwald, Christine Grän, Frank Grützbach

Reiner Klausmann, Stefan Lukschy, Thomas Erhart

Pino Donaggio

Regina Ziegler



TV Series

1x 90 min. (12 x 45 min.)

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