The Dutch Master

Background The Erotic Tales began its festival run with a presentation of Susan Seidelman’s The Dutch Master at Telluride, America’s foremost cult and cineaste festival, in September 1993. Screened on opening night with permission of Gilles Jacob (the Cannes festival had already selected The Dutch Master and Bob Rafelson’s Wet for presentation in May 1994), film and director were introduced by guest festival director John Boorman. Seidelman was asked by Boorman about the inspiration for her Erotic Tale: a 17th-century painting hanging in the Louvre, Pieter de Hooch’s “The Drinker.” A year later, Boorman made an erotic short-feature of his own: Two Nudes Bathing (1995), programmed in the Certain Regard at the 1995 Cannes festival. Coincidentally (or was it?), Two Nudes Bathing was inspired by another painting that hangs in the Louvre - by an anonymous artist of the 16th-century Fontainebleau School. Seidelman next presented The Dutch Master in October at a closed screening during the prestigious Hamptons festival on Long Island. Enough members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences saw the film to recommend it for an Oscar Nomination - and it received the Nomination in the Short Fiction Film category. Regina Ziegler’s Erotic Tales were thus the talk of the film world a month before the Cannes premiere even took place! Mira Sorvino, the dentist assistant enchanted by a painting hanging in a museum, doesn’t speak a word in The Dutch Master. She was later chosen by Woody Allen to play the chatty young porno actress who steals the show in Mighty Aphrodite, for which she received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Gilles Jacob, director of the Cannes festival, remembered how the festival had given a supporting hand to producer Regina Ziegler in discovering this fresh young talent - so he invited Mira Sorvino to serve on the International Jury at the 50th jubilee celebration. Synopsis Teresa, a young dental hygenist from Brooklyn in her twenties, is about to marry Joey, a traffic cop. A few weeks before her wedding, while eating lunch on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her two girlfriends, Teresa decides on impulse to go inside - and is fascinated by a young man in The Trinker, a Dutch painting by Pieter De Hooch. Suddenly the painting comes to life! A tipsy young woman in the picture has fallen off her chair, gets picked up by the handsome young man, and is carried giggling out of the room. On her next visit to the Met, she is pleasantly surprised when the young man in the painting winks and invites her to step into the picture. She does so - and finds herself in a strange world. To the embarrassment of her family and friends, Teresa doesn’t turn up at the church on her wedding day …

At your own risk I

At your own risk

Mallorca Love Included

What can you say about a father who forbids his son from doing something and then proceeds to do it himself? One day the translator Eric gets a phone call from Frauke and Alex, his two best friends, who live on Majorca.

A Couple Like Paul and Caroline

Paul is the young, dynamic managing director of a sporting goods company. Caroline works in a bank, and some weeks ago she moved in with him. They are a couple, despite the many differences between them.

On a Shoestring

Stephan Waldhoff, a journalist from Hamburg who is well-known for his committed reporting on social issues, finds himself in a professional crisis: the newspaper he works for decides it will not after all print his series about people who have

Lakeview Cottage II

A serious car accident results in the death of the woman Michel Camus (Pierre Brice) loves; Sylvia (Gudrun Landgrebe) and her son Bertel are both killed.

Beckmann & Markowski - Fatal Web

Inspector Max Beckmann and his colleague Christian Markowski are faced with a series of unusual murders; at first they are baffled when they establish that the only apparent similarities between the victims is that they are all blonde - and have all

The Ring with the Crowned Eagle

As so often before in history, Poland is divided by hostile neighbours. It is 1944, German-occupied Warsaw and the Uprising has collapsed.

My Daughter Is Mine

Barbara Auer, in one of her finest film roles, plays Ruth, a divorced mother trying to raise her school-aged daughter Sofia on her own while finishing her medical studies at the university.

Closing chorus

CLOSING CHORUS, (…) in a 123-minutes recording by the Mainz theatre department on ZDF, links up in dramatic terms with the “Trilogy of Reunion” and reflects the decline of East German communism as exemplified by individual characters who

Vicious Circle

Live recording of a performance at the “Theater des Westens” in Berlin, 1994. The unmistakable actress Brigitte Mira excites audiences with her solo-program at the foyer of the “Theater des Westens” in Berlin.

Cliffs of the death

Dangerous Love: a beautiful woman wants her married lover all to herself. Rita, charming and apparently extremely confident, senses that his daughter Anni is a rival and attempts to drive a wedge between father and daughter.

Café Scandal

A group of young people start a school magazine and embark upon an attempt to break away from the lethargic, monotonous atmosphere at school. Now, rather than grades or individual excellence, joint action is required in all areas of life.

The Brigitte Mira Show

The unmistakable Brigitte Mira gives an amazing performance in her solo show from the foyer of the Theater des Westens in Berlin, including cheeky and amusing Berlin songs (“The Sawn-Up Lady”) and provocative, melancholy chansons (“So Was

I can see what you can´t

There are blind children who develop astonishing abilities to understand their surroundings. Some of them are able to find their way through completely alien environments. Others refuse even to walk towards a chair without assistance.


FEMINA tells a story of inner growth, of a woman and her quest for truth through erotic experiences.

Looking for Mozart

This is a historical adventure film with a young heroine who appears for a time disguised as a boy.

The long conversation with the bird

Fourteen- year-old Laura has fallen desperately in love with John Barth, an English actor.

Top Prize: Mauritius

Fiete Hansen discovers the huge sum of 2.3 million German marks in his bank account. This surprise deeply annoys the lucky chap who never makes a mistake.

Pray for Ricki Forster

On her way home through a park in the centre of the city one evening a student called Susanne Meier is sexually attacked and murdered. She had with her Ricki, a two-year-old boy she was babysitting at the time.

Marx and Coca-Cola

Martin Baerwald, a yuppie manager from Hamburg and a successful property dealer, gets hopelessly lost in deepest Mecklenburg (former GDR) whilst on a business trip.

Prime of Life

Three ladies in the prime of life, none of them under 60, live together in a terraced house in the Berlin suburb of Lankwitz.

Felix and the Kuckuck Sisters

After many years in America working as a boat-builder, Felix Jung returns to the village where he was born, on the banks of Lake Constance.

Lakeview Cottage I

Lakeview Cottage tells a love story in four episodes in a wonderful setting: the foothills of the Alps in Bavaria, Chiemgauer country.

A Winter´s Tale

Leontes, King of Sicily, wrongfully accuses his wife Hermione of committing adultery with his brother Polyxenes. He throws his unhappy queen into jail and abandons the child she has in prison to the wilds.

Rodina Means Home

Winner of the Peace Prize at Berlinale in 1991, where it was presented in the Panorama section, Helga Reidemeister's RODINA MEANS HOME chronicles in a two hour documentary the shaky political atmosphere in Germany and the Soviet Union shortly after

A Lady with a Heart: Both Bitter and Sweet

Brigitte Mira plays the leading role in these four episodes and also links them together as she strolls through the city with her dog, past family homes, tenement blocks and apartment complexes. There is a story hidden behind every door.

Sketch Salad

With the assistance of protagonist Ingolf Lück and several other well-known actors in guest roles a number of young authors demonstrate their talents at sketch-writing and the enjoyment they take in performing these pieces.


Andrzej Wajda's KORCZAK paid tribute to a man who spent most of his life in pursuit of an ideal.

The Wall Busters Gang

Karl Heinz Lotz, a DEFA director, tells the story of how an East Berlin family managed to follow this very route to Hungary, then Austria, and finally back to West Berlin - to arrive on that historic day when the wall came down.

Stolen minds

A mysterious child, a young married couple with a host of problems, and a sect which lays claim to not only their sect members’ money but also to their souls.

Edgar, the Moral Guardian

The stories are set in an exclusive apartment complex. The janitor also lives in this extensive facility being responsible for the safety of the upmarket residents.

November Days

His curiosity aroused by the joy so clearly visible in those television images from November 9th 1989, the day of German reunification, Marcel Ophüls resolved to return to the site of these historic events one year later and talk to the people

Musical Gala

We guarantee that nobody will doze off during our show! An international repertoire of musical hits, from West Side Story to Showboat with Sweet Charity looking for the Phantom of the Opera - and all of that at the Cage aux Folles, of course.

I Want to Live

The human lifespan is no longer limited to 70 or 80 years. Genetic research in the last hundred years has increased life expectancy from 40 to 80.

The Spreepirates II&III

Berlin has a vast network of lakes, rivers and canals, integrated into the urban landscape. In fact, it is often said that Berlin has more bridges than Venice.


Inventory is the blueprint for an intimate psychological film set in Poland and partially in West Germany in the present day. The main characters are two women, Julia and Zofia, and Zofia’s grown-up son Tomek.

The Bells of St.Catherine´s Church

In the 17th century a glockenspiel was installed in St Catherine’s church in Danzig, consisting of 32 bells.

A Surfeit of Smith

Three Smith families check in at one hotel. An American and his wife: One glass of alcohol is enough to trigger nymphomaniac seizures in her. Her hubby is restlessly preoccupied preventing her from such predicaments.

A Desperate Hour

Ruth Feldmann is planning to go away for a dirty weekend with her boyfriend, the police officer Andreas Bongart. She tells her husband Karl, a sergeant in the police, that she has to visit her sick sister for a few days.

All Change

Three guests in a luxury hotel: the well-respected managing director of a computer company, an actor known to be a ladies’ man, and a murderer wearing glasses who has calculated that a hotel room provides the perfect setting for the murder of his


Verdi had fallen in love with Shakespeare’s FALLSTAFF, the wise and amusing clown, the drunkard who can laugh at himself and is well aware that everything in this world is fun - though not always good fun. He had enchanted Verdi.

Interim Report - André Heller

He is as much a part of Vienna as Lipizzaner stallions, Sachertorte and Hans Moser are. But now André Heller intends to leave the city of his forefathers. At the age of 42 he plans a decisive break with his past life.

Time and the Room

In their isolated living room Julius and Olaf experience a sort of cultivated indifference as they strive to attain absolute lack of volition.

Signed by Andrzej Wajda

He is one of the most important international film directors and his successes are

The Boss from the West

Harry, a successful industrial manager in Cologne in his early 40th, meets Jessica, a young crane operator form East Berlin, while on a business trip in the GDR.

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