Who's the Grandma here

For the past thirty years Juliane Kostner has relished her life as chief buyer in the haute couture section of a luxury department store. Her only daughter Henrike, mother of little Nils and Sarah, doesn’t share her lifestyle.

A Happy Day

Hotel manager Eva Sahlmann begins her “happy day” with an event that troubles her. She has refused to accept a rose and letter from a page-boy that was given to him by a chauffeur, ordering the boy to throw both away.

Comedy for UNICEF

In October Germany's most popular comedians came together for the fifth time in order to raise money for UNICEF, the United Nations children's organisation.

Finally Sex!

Saskia is 17 and still hasn’t done “it”. In order to settle the matter, she pretends she’s having an affair with a real Italo-Lover. Saskia’s girlfriends are deeply impressed.

Gambled Away - The Story of an Addiction

In this documentary film Jürgen Weyhausen has been fired from his high-paying job because of embezzlement of company funds. It’s not the first time, as he always manages to right himself, only to hit the skids again.

Happiness on the Staircase

Cleo Berger couldn’t believe her eyes when the police appears at her youngest daughter’s birthday with a search warrant. Double-crossing tricks of her separated husband push Cleo to the edge of catastrophe.

Happy Birthday

“Happy Brithday” (WT): Gudrun Landgrebe in the centre of a turbulent birthday party

In the shadow of power

May 1974. Willy Brandt resigns as German Chancellor two weeks after his speaker Günter Guillaume is outed as an East German spy.

In the valley of silence

Anna Christeiner lives with her little daughter Elise and her mother Zensi in the Alpine village of Hohenfels in East Tirol.

Love on Probation

Since the death of her husband, Juliane leads a lonely and empty life. So she decides to return to her former profession as a librarian. But the only offer she can find is a job as librarian in a men’s prison.


Often cited for his quaint, ironic, humorous, close-to-the-skin story-telling talents - "the Woody Allen of the American Independents," said one critic - Amos Kollek is an actor-writer-screenwriter-director all rolled into one. He knows Manhattan like the back of his hand. His films are filled with a bevy of familiar Village characters: bar-hoppers and park-benchers, retirees and wanabees, the lonely and the beautiful. In ANGELA, his first Erotic Tale, Amos Kollek told a delightfully funny fairy tale about an ordinary guy aching for one last fling at the tender age of 70. In MUSIC he extends the metaphor to embrace a city that never sleeps - as though Manhattan at night is the very essence of the elusive, vulnerable woman. Spiced with surreal, Kafkaesque twists, MUSIC is about a man who loves music and is fascinated by the fair sex. But he is not quite sure why and how he has ended up in this strange hotel room ...

NR. 23


Odd couple

In this Doris Dörrie feature Heiner Lauterbach and Uwe Ochsenknecht play the Odd Couple. Felix has been thrown out of the house by his wife and moves in with his poker friend Oscar.

Once a Cop, always a Cop

In this thriller series the whole family is full of cops. Both Carla and Rudi Krause are police commissioners. Their daughter Hanne has just joined the criminal division.

Redlight IV - In the Jungle of the City

Tom Rehberg and Anna Schäfer want to finally go on a vacation together. But, when Tom’s assistant Oliver asks for help to solve a murder case, he agrees – and comes to a different perspective of the Red Light district.

Seduction in six courses

Star cook Frank Drannemann finds himself in the middle of a crisis, ever since his beloved wife was killed in a car accident two years ago. Further, his daughter Franzi burdened with a stiff knee following the accident avoids meeting people.

The Amber Necklace, Parts I and II

The moving two-part drama “The Amber Necklace” (WT), based on the novel of the same name by Peter Prange, has been filmed for Channel One in a castle near Stendal, in Krumke (Osterburg, Sachsen-Anhalt).

The Father of My Son

“Charlotte Link: The Father of My Son” – the ZDF Sunday film in the Charlotte Link Collection


After winning top awards in Montreux, Utrecht, and St. Petersburg for THE WAITING ROOM, followed by the Grand Prix at the Mediawave festival in Györ (Hungary) for THE GAS STATION, Jos Stelling completed his Erotic Tales trilogy with THE GALLERY. Stylistically they're all connected: each is narrated visually without dialogue, each makes merry fun of an embarrassing erotic fantasy in a public place, and each features the same likeable fall-guy - Belgian actor Gene Bervoets - as the hero always ready and willing to strut his manhood like a peacock in heat. In THE GALLERY Gene finds himself the sensual object of a beautiful woman's desire. So when, suddenly and unexpectedly, she begins to strip for his pleasure ... well, one good turn deserves another ...

The Rapoports - Our Three Lives

As Jews they escaped from the Nazis, as scientists they became famous in the USA - and as Communists they had to flee from McCarthy: it was in East Germany that Inge and Mitja Rapoport found their third home. They are regarded as the founders for modern post-natal care in East Germany, and he is one of the most brilliant biochemists of our day. People who know little about the lives of these idealists, now over 90 years of age, may wonder how they manage to believe to this day in the ideals of a social form which is generally regarded as having failed miserably.

The Rose-Grower, Parts I and II

Filming of the dramatic ZDF two-part TV film “The Rose-Grower”, based on the novel of the same name by Charlotte Link, has now been completed in South Africa and on the island of Guernsey. Hannelore Elsner is the rose-grower Beatrice Shaye - an extraordinary woman who has been struggling for freedom all her life.

The Temptation

Karen Brendel and her husband, protestant pastor Oskar Brendel, live a harmonious and rewarding life. They have made their church work their central obligation.

Willy Brandt – A Man of the Century

In this documentary Peter Merseburger depicts the German, who fought against two totalitarianisms: Fascism and Stalinism. The author traces the path taken by Willy Brandt from socialist to social democrat.

A Two-Time Woman

A smear campaign - definitely! Successful lawyer Rebekka Butt has no other way of explaining the photographs which have just appeared in the tabloid newspaper “Sonne”.


Ernest Hemingway wrote his Parisian stories on the table of a sidwalk café. Niko prefers to pen his Berlin tales on the counter of a funky bar behind the shark tank. What better place for a writer to pick up a girl? Along comes Sonja, who wants to know how the horny tale he’s now working on will end. So she invites Niko to finish his erotic tale over a drink at her apartment! There’s only one catch: Martin, her ex-husband, still hasn’t moved out of the place. So what, says Sonja - we’ll just change the ending of the story … to a ménage a trois. AN EROTIC TALE by Georgian director Dito Tsintsadze (LOST KILLERS, Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2000).

Cat and Dog

The energetic Dorothee Auer starts her job as new mayor of a picturesque town on Lake Constance.

Club of Dreams / Turkey

The Aegean Region of Turkey has much to offer for tourists. Especially and also matching Holiday resort Marmaris´motto: time for emotions.

Deadly Rendezvous

German celebrity reporter Mike Hansen is fed up with secretly taking pictures from VIPs on Mallorca. He believes he is about to uncover the men behind a sex trade.

EROTIC TALES - porn.com

Veteran film director Matty Bonkers (Bob Rafelson), a Hollywood legend, arrives in Berlin for an honorary retrospective tribute. While introducing his film MOCKERY, he receives a phone call from his producer lying in intensive care at a hospital. Blau (Trevor Griffiths) needs a favor for old times' sake. Could Matty finish a porn movie before his legs get broken by Tokyo Tony?Matty reluctantly agrees. On the set he meets movie star and ex-cello-player Inga (Fabienne Babe) - and the experience is bizarre spirited uplifting a comédie humaine. The sequel to Rafelson's Wet, a classic in the Erotic Tales series, PORN.com features Bob in his first major acting role.

In the Cave of the Lioness

Rosemarie Fendel, Jennifer Nitsch, Helmut Zierl, Florian Fitz in “In the Cave of the Lioness”: a story of mothers, daughters and secret love

Joy of her life

Maria Bergmann owns a flower shop in a first-class Berlin hotel. Her son Niklas, her pride and joy, is about to take his final exams in his studies as a concert pianist.

Laughing Is Good for You - Comedy for UNICEF IV

On 30th November 2002,  in the fourth episode of “Laughing is Good for You - Comedy for UNICEF” presenter Dirk Bach, along with stars of the German comedy scenes such as Ingo Appelt, Maren Kroyman, Rüdiger Hoffmann, Anke Engelke, Ingolf

Love Is the Best Medicine

Sandra Speichert, Dominic Raacke and Charles Brauer in “Love is the Best Medicine”: love in Sicilian and a faked death

Mother Gets Going

Eva Maria Split is pleased when her husband Herbert retires. But she is less taken with his idea that they should set off on a long journey in the new mobile home. Eva Maria hates camping holidays.

Murder on board

The inconspicuous Burkharda Meier dreams of becoming a famous singer. So she answers an ad seeking a singer-soloist on a luxury liner. At the casting, however, Burkharda flunks the test in grand style.

Nightmare Flood - Who Pays?

Part of an Arte theme evening entitled What we want to know: Natural catastrophes - who pays?

Nothing but Samba

Katarina Diezmann (Gudrun Landgrebe) is generally happy with life. The well-known art expert has a senior position with the auctioneers Wegener.

One Lover too much is still not enough

Anna Schröder was once a celebrated ice princess. But a fall that left her badly injured put an end to her career. Her marriage with the dull-witted attorney Reiner doesn’t make her happy.

Out of sheer love for you

Fashion consultant Juliane is a successful business lady. Together with her boyfriend René she owns an exclusive salon, which he uses as a gallery to exhibit paintings.

Paule and Julia

Paule (15) lives an exciting life around Friedrichstraße and Alexanderplatz in Berlin, where, together with his Bosnian friend Arnel, he steals from department stores and robs people on the street.

Planned Children an Other Coincidences

Hildegard Reimund has three grown-up daughters and would like nothing more than some grandchildren to make the house feel alive once again.

Pommery and Turkey Breast

At first it was just a passing fancy, but then Luise Fischbach gets serious.

Redlight - The Hour Of The Hunter

Tom Rehberg is acting as a special agent in Berlin’s redlight district.

Seeking a man for my wife

Christoph is a faithful family father and a very charming married man. Nevertheless, this incorrigible perfectionist has a way of getting on his wife’s nerves. Even worse, he’s an incurable hypochondriac.

The Chancellor Makers

“Victories have a huge number of fathers and mothers. Defeats only ever have one.” (Gerhard Schröder)

The Chocolate Queen

When his wife dies of cancer, the only thing that still matters to advertising photographer Michael Bender is his nine-year-old daughter Sammy.

The Secret Inquisition

In January 1998, the Vatican opened the secret archives of the Inquisition for the first time - but only for a few privileged researchers.

Trade Office for Household

Bernd Lackner, a very busy architect, spends less and less time at home. He considers himself a great organizer, not realizing that he would be in a fix without his wife Katrin and his assistant Sonja.

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