I´ve Felt at Home Everywhere

Irmgard Keun, a writer from Cologne, left her Germany in 1936, disgusted by the sight of German fascism. In 1940, still hunted by the Nazis, she returned illegally.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Last Works

This portrait shows Rainer Werner Fassbinder both as an actor - taking the leading role in the film KAMIKAZE 1989, also directed by Wolf Gremm, - and as a director working on QUERELEL, his adaption of the work by Jean Genet.

Skeleton in the Cupboard

Herr and Frau Schmidt are having breakfast. Herr Schmidt doesn't want to go to work - he has a "terrible headache". Somebody rings the doorbell and a man enters, introducing himself as "Olaf from Head Office".

One Way Ticket

A young man manages to get out of East Germany and comes to West Berlin, where his one aim is to arrange for his girlfriend to follow him so they can head off together for sunnier climes.

After Midnight

Sanne Moder, an 18-year-old girl with a ready tongue, is sent by her father to Frankfurt, to stay with her aunt. Working for the domineering and bad-tempered woman in her stationer's shop, Sanne falls in love with the son, Franz.

The Dreamer

Everybody has heard of that before: dreams in which you dream you wake up, get up and experience some strange events, only to wake up afterwards? Dreams like this happen to most of us very rarely. To Mr.


Two life stories: Malou, born in France, married to a German jew, driven by circumstances to South America - the panorama of the pre-war generation, mirrored in a woman's extraordinary destiny.

Be Tender Pinguin

Each day the attractive Nina brings lonely hearts together at her dating agency. But she doesn't seem to have made the best choice for her own partner.

Valse Triste

The story unfolds with the logic of a dream. The external course the plot takes is unreal. However, it reflects the hopes, fears and desires of the characters in very concrete terms.

no terraced House for Robin Hood

Greskämper, industrial manager closed down his factory in fictitious small town Bramme; the workers are out on the street, Greskämper had been kidnapped by terrorists, however, released after paying a ransom.

Big and Small

“Where to? – No reply.” The pairing of a question screamed into an empty room and the depressed reply flung back at herself describes most clearly the condition of the central figure in this piece.

House of Dreams

The house of dreams is given a new face: sunlight collectors are installed on the roof, and the facade is polished to a high gloss.

Henry Angst

Henry Angst receives a farewell letter in which an indescribably cheerful death is promised, which calls into question his life as he has lived it up to now. Thereupon he leaves his wife and quits his job.

Times of Panic

After a concert performance Udo and his crew return to their hotel to celebrate this success. Unnoticed by his friends, however, Udo is kidnapped during the party.


Erich Kästner (1899-1974) - writer and screenwriter, playwright and author of children's books, journalist and publicist, humorist and satirist - was an eyewitness in 1933 to the burning of his books by the Nazis.

Triologie of Reunion

The exhibition of a medium-sized art club seems to be endangered. Even more in danger are the arty club members, the petty bourgeois art-jet-set.

Willi And His Comrades

His report card in school reads: "Willi Klein is a dreamer. In serious danger of failing High School”.

The Great Runaway

All of them want to go they want to break out, to make the great escape, adults as well as youngsters, and Schocker and Richy as well.

The Indecent Profit

The criminal investigation department and cartel officers appear in the main office of a raw-material factory for synthetic material.

Only Worth Half as Much

In spring 1978 the metal industry for the first time was confronted with skills problems. Together with his crew director Thomas Mitscherlich watched the industrial dispute in Reutlingen for six weeks.


The electronic versions of the old one-armed bandits are the MONARCH's aim in the appropriate bars, and his only source of income. With a trick only he knows he is able to “crack open” almost every machine in certain spotted out bars.

Death or Freedom

The Franconian Earl of Buttlar is the father of two sons: Fritz and Ludwig who differ from each other in their characters.

The Brothers

The film tells the story of the rise and fall of three generations, 1963-1976, Mariensiel-Heidelberg. Doctor Fachmin, a country doctor, descendant of an old-etablished family, married another time.


We see the young officer cadet "Heinrich" at his commissioning, we see the music making young man, already bewildered by the Prussian military service, we see the enthusiastic man, full of animosity against the French, we take part at the

Family Bliss

The film starts out with the wedding of the worker's couple Manfred and Manuela. They enter into marriage in the hope of having a long and happy union.

Summer Folk

The Symphony turns to be a cacophony consisting of faces, gestures and conversation, full of dissonance and hope, grief and tenderness, destruction and fundamental change when "Datchniki", summer guests, meet on a "Datcha" in the Summer of 1904.

The Moodies

THE MOODIES consist of five girls and one young man from England.

Anna und Edith

Anna and Edith are colleagues working for an insurance firm. Their boss is bragging with the achievements of the two women without giving them credit for their good work. Anna’s husband would prefer for Anna to stay home.

I Want my Troubles

Half-asian Rita leaves her provincial town seeing the seeds of future trouble to come, having discovered that her mother was swindling to her concerning her presumed daddy.

I Thought I Was Dead

A 17 years old girl who feels she is not equal to the requirements imposed by her parents, her boss and her friends, takes an overdose of sleeping pills. She is saved and gradually realizes that discussions lead to real living and not "escape".

Chapeau Claque

"Chapeau Claque" is the story of a young business-man, Hanno Giessen, who retires at the age of 33.

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