Routes of Longing – Cruising in the Realm of the Dragon

Our two-part travel documentary leads us to the heart of Asia and to some of the most interesting metropolises of the world: Hongkong, Singapur and Shanghai.

Sex, Taboos and Cold War - How We Germans Loved

In this film author Marcus Fischötter sets out to trace the fascinating and surprising differences between attitudes to love which were prevalent in West and East Germany.

Tango in the snow

Ella Talbach leads a well-ordered middle-class life at the side of her husband Manfred, who hopes that he will soon be re-elected to the position of mayor.

Tatort - Above and Below

Inspectors Ritter and Stark go into action when a dead body is found in the Berlin metro.

The Country Doctor - Slow Poison

Another episode of a successful series about Dr. Johanna Lohmann

The Great Lie

Sophie is a sculptor and lives in Munich, happily married to Gabriel. He is worshipped by their daughter Anne, though as a hotel manager he spends a lot of time on Mallorca.

The Old Lady´s Visit

A new film version of the play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Tough Love

Fashion designer Bella (Viktoria Gabrysch) has a problem: she thinks she is too fat, and consequently she leads the life of wallflower.

1:0 for Happiness

Teacher Petra Winter (Thekla Carola Wied) has been living with her mother Elisabeth (Eva Pflug) since the collapse of her marriage, but in contrast to the older woman she finds herself unable to endure enjoy life at all.

Africa in the Heart

It is two years ago since the German Dr Katrin Berger met up again with the love of her life Max and married him in Munich.

An Akward Customer - The Writer Günter Grass

The documentary “An Awkward Customer - The Writer Günter Grass” accompanies the Nobel Prize-winner of 2005 until the presentation of his controversial novel “Peeling the Onion” in October 2006.

Black Forest Love

A romantic family comedy with Claudine Wilde and Timothy Peach.

Dead Loss Draws Top Prize

Marie Herbst hardly believes her eyes when craftsmen pop up at her Vienna coffeehouse, which she has been running successfully for years in the heart of Berlin.

Island of Light

Nora Bernd is a popular "lifestyle consultant" on television: in her programme she gets people to talk about their problems, helps them find a way to resolve their crises and provides practical advice and suggestions.

Lost Child 312

The tale of a child's fate, between Germany's post-war economic recovery and unforgotten love

Loyalty Points

Christine Neubauer plays the leading role in the film version of this bestseller by Susanne Fröhlich

Planned Children III - Mummy´s Honeymoon

After many ups and downs Hilde, the mother of a large family, finally marries the man she has fallen in love with so long ago. Theo moves the whole family into a large family villa and it seems their happiness is complete.

The Country Doctor - A New Life

The fifth episode in the successful series about Dr. Johanna Lohmann.

The Echo of Guilt

This Charlotte Link bestseller has been filmed in England.

The Indian Ring

Anna Landsberg is a lively, energetic woman who loves two things in life above all else: her son Andreas and her vineyard in the Black Forest, which she has been running by herself ever since the death of her husband.

The Second Spring - In the Valley of Silence IV

A severe storm has caused considerable damage to Wallner Farm, which only serves to place a further burden on the already difficult financial position of the Wallners.

The Sniper

Inspector Peter Heiland has been transferred from Stuttgart to the Homicide Division in Berlin: the clumsy detective first has to find his feet in his hectic metropolis.

The Wolves of Berlin

In three 90-minute episodes director Friedemann Fromm tells the story of a group of young people in Berlin during the immediate post-war period who proceed to grow apart and then find their lives are again intertwined when the Berlin Wall is built

The Woman Who Vanished in the Forest

In his latest film Oliver Storz again deals with an aspect of German post-war history: up to the 21st of November the well-known director and writer will be filming his own book "The Woman who Vanished in the Forest" in Gifhorn,

Zeruya Shalev - The great Hymn of Love

Bestselling author Zeruya Shalev from Israel fascinates readers worldwide with her literary explorations of the mystery between man and woman.

2030 - The Senior Rebellion

It’s the year 2030. The journalist Lena Bach tries to uncover the mysterious circumstances under which the pensioner Sven Darow has died. She is confronted by unscrupulous double dealings.

At the End of the Silence

Stanbury - a small village in the southwest of Yorkshire. The countryside is distinctive and romantic, and this is where five German friends have been spending their holidays together for years now in the old Stanbury House.

Beyond the Balance

Neo-existential-mystery-pop in the „Spreewald“. A poetic road movie about the absurd mechanic of fate, the metaphysical power of a landscape and a strange state of a soul: far away from being balanced.

Chubby Me

Radio presenter Christin is the star of the popular programme "Lose those Pounds!" on Antenne Berlin. Every evening she devotes herself to the problems of mostly women, dispensing advice about the daily battle against putting on weight.

Clear Run to Happiness

After 35 years of marriage Karla and Werner must come to realize that the drudgery of everyday life takes the shine off of love.

COLDITZ – The Unyielding Ones

In Britain every child knows the story of the escapees from Colditz during the Second World War. A number of books, films and television programmes have kept the memory is very much alive.

End of the Ice Age

12 years ago policewoman Lena Jörning last heard from her sister Evelyn, who left the small village on the Baltic coast of Germany in order to escape from the monotony of everyday life.

Forever Africa

Christine Neubauer’s adventure in a bush hospital continues

KGB in Germany

A two-part TV documentary takes the viewer to the front line of the secret "Hot War" which was waged from 1945 to the end of the 20th century.

Love Is the Most Beautiful Gift

Love and let love

Momella - A Farm in Africa

This German "Out of Africa" begins in the year 1907. Margarete Trappe brought up four children on Momella in Tanzania; she was a legendary hunter, someone revered by blacks and whites alike as a miracle healer.

Mr. Bundesrepublik

On the 30th of September 1989, from the balcony of the German Embassy in the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague, Hans-Dietrich Genscher announced that all the refugees from East Germany who had gathered here - several thousand of them - would be allowed to

My Dream of Venice

A dream of Venice and a nightmare neighbour make Thekla Carola Wied’s life full of action.

Once a Thief, Always a Thief

A turbulent TV film with Sascha Hehn, Christina Plate and Walter Kreye

She is My Mother

A mother-daughter relationship drama revolving around the past, origins and a fundamental lie.

Tatort – Sleeping Beauty´s Revenge

Richard Merten is found murdered in his Berlin apartment. The investigation soon prompts the two inspectors Ritter and Stark to venture into the nearby countryside of Brandenburg.

The Chancellor

A different and surprising perspective of the first woman to occupy the position of German Chancellor

The Country Doctor - Out of The Blue

Her warm, friendly manner has enabled Dr.

The Country Doctor - The Paternity Test

The fourth episode in the Country Doctor series

The Harvest Helper

A moving love story set in the post-war period with Christine Neubauer.

The Miracle of Love

Elisabeth, an attractive art dealer, has decided to take the plunge and get married gain. The man she has been together with for several years now fatally collapses in the registrar’s office on the day of their wedding.

The Poacher

When Anna and Johannes have a healthy baby boy it looks as though the happiness is complete. Also, new chances for the village they live in arise: an investor called Grabosch intends to develop a large scale hunting area as a tourist attraction.

The Strange Guest

A thriller based on the novel of the same name by Charlotte Link


A TV thriller based on the novel of the same name by Charlotte Link

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