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Ten Wolf Gremm films now together in one DVD box

Wolf Gremm has made more than 50 films.

His works were shown on festivals such as Venice, Karlovy Vary and San Francisco, Berlin and in the MoMa in New York and delighted many an audience. His first film "Ich dachte, ich wäre tot" (1973) won him the Federal Film Award (Bundesfilmpreis), soon to be followed by other awards and nominations.

He worked together with Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Brigitte Mira, Harald Juhnke and Otto Sander, to name a few.

The new DVD collection includes ten of Gremm's films, of which some had not yet been released on DVD, such as the thriller "Die Brüder", die literary adaptation "Nach Mitternacht" by Irmgard Keun, the documentary "Rainer Werner Fassbinder - letzte Arbeiten" as well as his last touching film, the documentary "Wolf Gremm - Ich liebe das Leben trotzdem".


"Ich dachte, ich wäre tot" (1973)

"Meine Sorgen möcht' ich haben" (1974)

"Die Brüder" (1976)

"Tod oder Freiheit" (1977)

"Nach Mitternacht" (1981)

"Sigi, der Straßenfeger" (1984)

"Fabian" (1978)

"Kamikaze 1989" (1982)

"Rainer Werner Fassbinder - letzte Arbeiten" (1981)

"Wolf Gremm - Ich liebe das Leben trotzdem" (2015)



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