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DER SOMMER NACH DEM ABITUR at the Kinofest Lünen

Preview of our latest ZDF TV film on Sunday, 17.11.2019 at 11 am, presented in person by the lead actors Bastian Pastewka, Fabian Busch and Hans Löw. Tickets are available here: cineworld-luenen.de/kino/bookingInline/city280/

They had missed out on it, the magical summer after graduation. Now, twenty years later, they want to make good their promise: their favourite band from back then is back on tour. After graduation they had wanted to visit the band's concert, however each friend was for some reason or other prevented from going, and it's now or never.. So the three friends, Alexander (Bastian Pastewka), Paul (Hans Löw) and Ole (Fabian Busch) are back on the road. Their old friendship is put to the test, and every one has to face up to uncomfortable truths. Paul is about to do time in jail due to tax debts. Alexander refuses to acknowledge that his marriage is on the rocks. Only Ole seems to have been lucky as a successful author of numerous and varied counselling books. This however is also only just a facade. Hence the three go on tour, each with their problems and their ideas of life, of youth and of friendship. They argue, they reconsile, then argue again, but their common goal - the concert - holds them together.

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