Only With You (2011)

Florian Fischer is a passionate architect who has dedicated his life entirely to his job. That is also one of the reasons why his wife Katja left him about two years ago. To his chagrin Florian is only allowed to see his two daughters Anna und Sophie every other weekend.  He is very unhappy about this situation. Since her divorce Katja has started to work as a doctor again. Her work in rotating shifts on top of her duties as a mother has pushed her to the breaking point. In search of a practical solution to better balance her life and her career she seriously contemplates immigrating to Sweden with her two girls.  Especially after she met and fell in love with a nice Swedish man, Olaf. Florian who on the other hand insists in spending more time with his daughters is shocked by Katja’s plans.  Florian’s girl-friend Dana (Katja Studt) sees an opportunity to start her own family, if Florian, Katja and the girls are going to be that far apart geographically.While the stances between Florian and Katja hardened Florian’s parents Ulrike and Georg, who are very attached to the children, try to reach an amicable agreement but to no avail since Katja and Florian fight bitterly for their positions and in the process lose sight of the welfare of their children…


Hardy Krüger jun., Sophie Schütt, Katja Studt, Gila von Weitershausen, Charles Brauer


Udo Witte

Sylvia Leuker, Benedikt Röskau nach einer Idee von Antje Bähr

Marion Klann

Director of Photography
Jochen Radermacher

Sabine Matula

Wolf-Dietrich Peters-Vallerius

Thomas Klemm

Production Designer
Jochen Schumacher

Costume Designer
Riccarda Merten-Eicher

Hair & Make Up Design
Dörte Eben, Sabine Utke

Production Manager
Heidi Schuller

Creative Producer
Nanni Erben

Executive Producer
Wolfgang Hantke

Regina Ziegler

TV Editor
Birgit Titze, ARD Degeto



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